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You can call me… Renée.

I identify as… Recently as queer, before that as lesbian, and before I began grade school and had to give up superman boy’s briefs I was Ken, just one of the boys.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t really have a preference… before third grade I would have preferred masculine pronouns, but these days I mostly elicit female ones. It makes no difference to me.

I’m attracted to… Queerness. I love femmes who are strong, confident, and outgoing. I adore butch/androgynes who are soft-spoken, sensitive, and gentle. Trans-men, femme men, feminine women with masculine qualities, androgynous women with feminine qualities. Contradiction makes me wet. Witty humour. Intelligence.

When people talk about me, I want them to… refrain from shifting nervously in their seats.

I want people to understand… there is no ‘natural’ sexuality. What is between your legs shouldn’t set the limits for what you feel in your heart.

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Posted by on October 22nd, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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18 Responses to “Profile: Renée”

  1. Anonymous

    “I love femmes who are strong, confident, and outgoing. I adore butch/androgynes who are soft-spoken, sensitive, and gentle.” nicely put…i dig it.


  2. Jules

    You are really pretty…


  3. Jessica

    Love the hair doing the classic over the eye thing…


  4. Imogen Quest

    You are absolutely gorgeous.


  5. boko-maru

    I’m in love. :)


  6. miko

    if you lived near me i would want to know you


    Jessica replied:

    me, too. Do you ever play 12 string?


    Renee replied:

    Thank you both, that means a lot.

    Unfortunately I hardly play the 6-string, me and my friend were just having fun with a camera and I picked up my mostly un-used guitar, and it looked cool. I stuck with guitar for a solid year and a half and then slowly got away from it, regretfully :-(


    Jessica replied:

    When I turned 50, I decided to follow my sister’s example. She decided that it was unacceptable for her to speak just one language, so she learned to be fluent in Spanish. I decided that it was unacceptable for me not to play an instrument, at least well enough for my own amusement, so I got a guitar (actually two of hem) and started playing (again). I took lessons as child, but that was a long time. Real music heals the soul.

  7. julia

    goddamn. contradictions make me wet, indeed.


  8. lee

    you’re beautiful. i’d love to meet you


  9. Melanie

    ridiculously pretty!


  10. Oli

    You are so gorgeous! This picture makes my eyes very happy! An your words make my head and heart happy. So true, so relatable



    Kiernan replied:



  11. ash

    do you have a blog? :)


  12. Nicol@s

    You’re just absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, charming, and your eyes are just mesmerizing, i wish u the best!!!


  13. Claire

    Oh god, i’m in love.


  14. Pauly

    Your face just blew my mind


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