Profile: Stephanie


You can call me… Stephanie

I identify as… A pangender pansexual.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t really care :)

I’m attracted to… People that can be comfortable with the fact that I tend to not even have a gender. Someone that can see past the fact that a person is more than what’s in their pants.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not put my gender or sexuality in front of WHO I AM.

I want people to understand… that I am not confused, as young as I am, 17. Especially my mom. :/

About Stephanie
Stephanie, 17, I like to blog, I’m still in school. I love to laugh and write, and educate others about what I stand for.

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Posted by on February 25th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Profile: Stephanie”

  1. Anonymous

    You’re lovely.


  2. canesco

    yes. lovely. good attitude.


  3. alyssa

    cutest i’ve ever seen.


  4. yolei

    you sound awesome! what’s your blog url?


  5. ShezzaMezza

    Go pangender pansexuals. Nowadays I’m thinking of telling people who ask that I odentifit as a panda…


  6. ShezzaMezza

    Oops I meant identify. Stupid iPod Touch keyboard…


  7. Kico Velasquez

    You sound like an amazing person! What is your blog URL??


  8. Charles

    Can someone explain in depth the difference between pangender and trigender? I don’t know which one to identify as.


    tigr replied:

    I haven’t come across either; my (purely etymological) guess would be “trigender” means a mixture of three genders and “pangender” means a mixture of lots of genders. But the more important point is, I think, that it doesn’t matter so much – if you feel like you need to identify as *something*, just see what feels best. Your definition doesn’t even have to agree with other people’s definition of the same word; it’s just a label, if it makes you feel happy and warm and fuzzy, it’s probably right. If it doesn’t, just keep on looking (or maybe realize you don’t actually need one)… :-)


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