Profile: the ultimate in awkward dorks

You can call me… the ultimate in awkward dorks.

I identify as… a male to female transsexual that’s in a woman’s body. I feel like I actively had to make the choice to be female. The more female friends I have, the less inherently female I feel. Or maybe it’s just bitches be crazy yo.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she, her, and fabulous.

I’m attracted to… I like my men scrawny, hairless with jutting hipbones. But I like them rugged and buff too. Women are attractive but I really dislike vulvas. Boobs are awesome. Why must there be that gaping wet fleshy thing?

But nothing beats a nerd that will relish awkward moments with me.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Don’t treat me differently because I’m a girl. It doesn’t make me weaker or more easily offended. It gives me boobs and a vulva. If you would challenge a guy’s point, challenge mine. I’m a HUMAN BEING; treat me as such.

It’s my personality that makes me easily excitable, not my parts.

I want people to understand… Gender and sexuality are such fluid things. Why make such a big deal?

Also, chivalry is sexist and degrading. Do nice things because that’s the nice thing to do. Don’t do them because of obligation to the “weaker sex.” I’ll show you weaker sex.

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14 Responses to “Profile: the ultimate in awkward dorks”

  1. Janus

    As one of the bolder profiles I’ve seen, I rather enjoy how in-your-face this is. I agree about chivalry 100%, too.


  2. Matthew

    “…bitches be crazy yo” might be the best phrase ever.

    I must say, you seem awesome, and I like that you didn’t mince your words. You actually remind me quite a bit of a friend of mine.


  3. Colleen

    “Bitches be crazy, yo.”
    This is amazing : )


  4. Beck/Maybe-Oliver

    Awkward dorks unite!
    Also, “I’ll show you weaker sex.”


  5. Null

    You sound like one cool and intersesting person to be around. :) I am really curious though, do you get a lot of people thinking you are a transwoman physically? I ask because when I was trying to look female as a disguise (I’m FAAB too) for my gender identity everyone thought I was born male because I failed so hard at looking like a natural girl even though I was one. XD
    Anyhow, keep being awesome.


  6. ol_face

    Riiight… trans women make a choice to be female? Being a girl automatically gives you boobs and a vulva? Remarks denigrating people’s bodies for no reason? Erasure of trans male people?

    This post is gross, and triggering, in the real sense of the word rather than the way it’s thrown around on the Internet. I know that comments here have to be respectful, but I wish original posts also had to be. I can’t believe I have to state the obvious here, but… trans people read this site, and don’t deserve this.


  7. Anonymous

    I know as someone who is ftm/confused, there are some things I don’t directly relate to but try to respect anyway (for example, someone who feels like their gender switches.) But it’s hard to understand the mtf in a women’s body. It kind of feels like your rubbing in your femaleness or trying to be genderqueer, and it really sucks for us people that don’t have the body we feel we should have….if this really is your authentic identity you have to struggle with, I’m sorry about that, because even other trans people will have a huge difficulty understanding you.


  8. jean c.

    I agree (with ol_face and anonymous #7) that the original poster probably didn’t think about how their words would affect people… and I can see different ways of interpreting what they wrote that make those words a) really offensive or b) somewhat rooted in oblivious-ness.

    but… I do understand the “mtf-spectrum person in a female body” thing. when I came out (as a trans boy) to a female-bodied friend of mine, in our long conversation about our bodies and our relationships to them, she said, “yeah, I feel really similar, but reversed: I feel like a woman, but I don’t think my body and self fit this idea I have of “woman”… yeah, I have the stereotypically-female parts or whatever, supposedly, but I still have to do all this negotiation and finagling to feel right in my body, and to present myself the way I want, and to feel that I am seen as a woman.”

    I’m probably mangling my friend’s thoughts slightly, but it was completely from her heart, and I understood. she wasn’t attached to that identity as “an identity”, and she definitely wasn’t claiming to understand the lived experience of trans women… but just identifying with that sense of body-dissonance, and naming it, in the way that being able to name something we are struggling with helps us address it and find ways to approach it productively.

    I guess the moral is, “if words work for you, use them… but be very careful about how you apply them to other people!”


  9. dayita

    I would push a little further with jean c’s comment, actually. I am also T and for me the best way I have found to describe it is like being a human raised up by wolves – as though I’ve had all the wrong responses trained into me for the way that I actually react. So I found ultimate’s characterization to be perfectly illuminating, and even, to a degree, empowering in that she feels like she’s making it up as she goes along as well (or so it would appear).

    For sure I didn’t feel any erasure, and ultimate is certainly entitled to having her own opinions about body parts – even if she stated it rather more forcefully than usual…well good for her.

    I’m just sayin’ folks.


  10. J

    Making a choice to be female does not make you like an MtF. Do you not see the assumptions that statement makes about trans women? And feeling less inherently female ESPECIALLY breaks from the identities of trans women. Most trans women transition after years of desperately trying NOT to be female/feminine identified, and failing. I understand not fitting in, but don’t use that as an excuse to co-opt the trans experience. It reeks of privilege.


    Elle replied:

    Well said.


    A replied:

    I have to agree with this. It may have just been a poor choice of words, but… if that’s the case, it was a REALLY poor choice of words.


    J replied:

    Exactly. If it was poor word choice then I apologize for being so harsh, but as-written this post is very insulting.


  11. dz

    wish ya hadn’t dogged on vulvae for no reason.


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