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You can call me… Yulan.

I identify as… genderqueer, but I identify as lesbian to make things easier for people. Jamaican trying to interpret life and, above all, a Human being with feelings.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … teachers usually call me she/her, but my Spanish teacher called me senor on several occasions and it made my day, also small children tend to mistake me for a boy. I find it cute. But as far as pronouns go, it doesn’t matter but a male pronoun tends to cheer me up.

I’m attracted to… artistic girls who look like they could be a boy. Genderqueer/fluid peeps. Honesty, laughs and joy all around. Hip Hip Hoorayyy!

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize I am who I am and say “my oh my wasn’t that just fabulous?”

I want people to understand… that life isn’t black or white and neither is gender. So buckle up kids!

About Yulan
I’m a junior going to school in New York. I’m an immigrant with a Jamaican accent that people still mistake for British/Irish or on the rare occasion German. I WILL attend SVA and major in Graphic Design and most of all I’ll be happy doing it. Oh, and I have a tumblr!

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Posted by on July 21st, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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8 Responses to “Profile: Yulan”

  1. Cass

    I love the paint!! It looks supercool. :)


  2. Sarah-Sophia

    This part made me smile: “I’m attracted to… artistic girls who look like they could be a boy. Genderqueer/fluid peeps. Honesty, laughs and joy all around.”

    It’s nice to know that not EVERYONE is anti-people like me. XD


  3. Anonymous

    You are absolutely gorgeous!


  4. eemp

    This is the greatest picture. c:


  5. Heron

    You got a little something on your nose there. No, not my left, your left! ;)

    Love your hair!

    When I was in Germany I had a professor call me “Herr So-and-So”” and that was probably in the second week of classes.

    Good luck in school and life!


  6. Yulan

    Hahhaa i forgot i submitted this! Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :D


  7. Van

    I loved what you said about the pronouns, I am there with you completely, I don’t really care if they call me he or she but like when you they do use male pronounces it cheers me up :)
    we also have the same taste in girls.
    awww i love to find another gender queers that think like me.

    thanks for sharing


  8. stevie

    Genderqueer ftw.. You sound like you would love me .. Fb me .. Stephanie stevie roper


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