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You can call me… Liz, Lizzish, or Zish… but I’m starting to prefer the last one.

I identify as… Queer as all get out, genderqueer (genderweird!) polyamorous, kinky, taoist, and obsessed with the gray areas. I am a creature of few preferences and diverse tastes.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … The lady ones aren’t bad, but I’d love it if people used they/them a bit more.

I’m attracted to… People of all sorts. Dimples and spectacles. Handsome geeky types, cute spacey hippies, and anyone whose appearance makes it clear they’ve got a lot to express. Strong opinions and creative talents are a must.

When people talk about me, I want them to… see my creativity and my passion, and maybe want to Just Be Themselves for a little while.

I want people to understand… that it’s better to make a mistake than to live forever with regret.

About Zish
Lately I’ve been managing a kid’s store, being good to my friends and lovers, and generally loving and living it up in Philly. Working on finding the perfect hippie peace space to move into. Working on educating myself and finding just the right words to describe me.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Zish”

  1. Meike

    Oh goodness, I thought I was the only one who used “genderweird”. I think I love you!


  2. Anonymous

    hooray for Taoism!…and of course, gender-weirdness


  3. Anonymous

    I love the way you described yourself as “a creature of few preferences and diverse tastes.” This is how I’ve always felt about myself, but typically the words I used made it sound like I just didn’t care. I hope you won’t mind if I use it.


  4. Sour Tranvestite

    Sometimes I think this site is only about self-conscious women posting vanity shots of their “androgynous” hair but I concede that it could just be that all the biological men simply aren’t interested in exploring their gender and even less willing to send photos of their exploration to a blog.


    Cat replied:

    Oh hey, look! Privilege and identity erasure all at once! And triggering, since I’ve had a fair deal of angst for my fitting the stereotypical young white FAAB genderqueer model and worrying that I’m fooling myself about it!


    jean c. replied:

    hey Sour, a little out of line maybe? there are a good number of pictures of feminine/androgynous male-ish folks here too, in addition to the masculine/androgynous female-ish kind! I haven’t counted… but I feel like the editors do make their best effort to mix it up.

    I think you’re right that for female-bodied people, being genderqueer/genderweird in some way or other is becoming more and more acceptable, and that more & more young female-bodied people are seeing that as an option for their personal identity…

    …whereas being a feminine male-bodied person probably has not gotten any easier. (Julia Serano writes awesomely about this in her book Whipping Girl!)

    I would say that there is a strange territory where taking a picture of yourself and posting it on the internet could be called “vanity”…. and it could also be called “testing out how I look, claiming and owning my physical appearance”. a legitimate function of photographic imagery!


  5. Libby

    I love your name. Liz to Lizzish to Zish, win!


  6. japey

    this may sound a bit strange, but i think i may have seen you today. possibly riding your bike down south broad. very odd indeed.

    p.s.- you’re super cute!


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