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Some of us have a gender that is purple in a world that only has words for blue and red, so we are making new words, and from them, a new world.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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14 Responses to “Purple.”

  1. Weaver

    And a better, brighter, more colorful world it shall be.


  2. Libby

    Wow, I was just thinking this the other day! And the fact that some of us are closer to red or blue doesn’t make us red or blue, it makes us magenta or violet.


  3. Philip

    Exactly. I especially agree with Libby.


  4. sam

    What about those of us whose gender is orange in a world of red and blue? Finding words for gender that don’t assume a binary is soooooo hard.


    radical/rebel replied:

    this question rocks.

    we gotta make new words, and words that aren’t even just “one-half of the inane binary plus the other half equals me.”

    some days I think the trick might be surprise, coming up with words for your gender that blow everyone away and don’t make sense… also appropriating adjectives so your gender is “fabulous” or “wonderful” can be nice…


    jayda replied:

    I was about to say, my gender could be Yellow, or white.


  5. Anonymous

    I’m sure somebody’s colorblind.


  6. anta

    This is so true.

    On the other hand, the problem with inadequate words might not be so great if people only recognised that the words are inadequate. Increased awareness to the rescue?


  7. Null

    I actually describe my gender in colors a lot, haha.


  8. Lane

    I just found this on deviant art. Very relevant to the discussion. :-)


  9. genderqueersquared

    As we speak new realities they will be followed by thinking and then, hopefully, actions. As an artist I often think and dream in colors. Love this quote.


  10. Kris

    I love your comment! It’s what needs to be done: creating a world that is different by changing the terms in which people think and only are able to think to a world where there are more than two (or even three, four..) possibilities! And language is one of the keys to that! Your language is also poetic!


  11. Anonymous

    as a lovely light blue green, i protest. while calling the entire spectrum of visible light “red and blue” is limiting, saying “we must expand to include colors between red and blue” is only a tiny step in the right direction. not only do you have all other colors and variations, you have light, you have shape, you have space. think about it.


  12. Amy

    I love this. Though I may be largely red, I still have bits of me that traditionally, are blue. I hate the binary system. We all are people. Beautiful people.


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