Question: A Crush

Kyle asks…

Is it odd that the genderqueer woman in me has a bit of a crush on the genderqueer man?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on September 22nd, 2010 at 08:00 am

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10 Responses to “Question: A Crush”

  1. Carter

    Of course not :)


  2. Anonymous

    I kinda feel like I could fall in love with myself. It’s confusing but comforting.


  3. Jessica

    Better that than the confused self-loathing so many genderqueer questioners seem to stumble into.


  4. Mattie

    Nope, cause I did. He’s questioning his gender and I’m a genderqueer pansexual who’s chosen to be both. Going 10 months strong.


  5. Samson

    I think finding yourself attractive can be a great source of confidence.

    (Also arrogance, but I’m looking on the bright side today. And I know that a good number of us genderqueer folk could use a little confidence boost, and wouldn’t let it go to our heads.)


  6. kendall

    That’s actually really cute. Congrats, I hope the 2 of you are happy together, or 3 of you, or whatever. :-p You know what I mean, not multiple personalities but different faucets of the same gem.


  7. Taigitsune

    Not in the least. I’ve found that the more genderqueer I become, the more attractive I find other genderqueer folks.


  8. AR

    I’d totally do me.


  9. Cydne

    My girly side would totally bang my boyish side! It’s totally normal.


  10. Null

    Heh, I feel the same way. If I were to be split into two bodies like one cell dividing into two, I would totally date me and buy my more femme self guitar picks instead of flowers.


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