Recommendation: Accident & Emergency

Harper recommends…

Patrick Wolf occupies a genderworld constructed entirely of glitter.

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Posted by on June 5th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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14 Responses to “Recommendation: Accident & Emergency”

  1. Ava

    Just reminds me of glam music, like the film ‘Velvet Goldmine’. :)


  2. Dru

    Patrick Wolf is a favourite of mine, I am glad to see him mentioned.

    “Patrick Wolf occupies a genderworld constructed entirely of glitter.” – I love that quote!


  3. Sean

    I love Patrick Wolf; I have four of his CDs (I think that’s all of them?)


  4. ElegantAndrogyne

    What a nice and pretty le mademoiselle!


  5. Danny

    Fuck yes!! I love Patrick Wolf! He’s an amazing musician. And pretty damn adorable. Glad to see he’s been mentioned here!


  6. Dylan

    Get out of my head, genderfork! I’ve just got in to Wolf recently too :)


  7. Alex

    He looks like an older version of my best friend! =O


  8. Jay

    Ooh! All shiny and glittery. ^^ And genderworld! I like that word.


  9. Anonymous

    Love this man! And what an appropriate quote.

    Lycanthropy is another great song of his that makes me think of this community. :)


  10. Anonymous

    Patrick Wolf is so deliciously queer. I want to be him and to make out with him at the same time.


  11. Anonymous

    Oh lord, his smile! I adore that man; thanks for infinitely brightening my morning, Genderfork!


  12. elias

    “I want to be him and to make out with him at the same time.”

    EXACTLY. “the magic position” is one of my favorite songs and it used to come with the winamp download. open-source software knows what’s up.


  13. Nemo

    YES. A hundred times YES. It’s about time P. Wolf got a post on Genderfork.


  14. Anonymous

    Yep. I recommended him, too, a while ago, but I guess Harper beat me to it.


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