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Aiesu is a manga collection of short stories about intersexed individuals and their lives. All the stories have the characters making a safely ambiguous place for themselves in a highly gender binary world and it filled me with such warm, fuzzy feelings! Especially the story beginning at chapter 13 which is why I posted a link to that one. They’re all self-contained so it makes no difference where you start.

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Posted by on March 21st, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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10 Responses to “Recommendation: Aiesu (IS)”

  1. Nicholas

    I’ve read as much as was available (previously) and I personally loved it :)


  2. Lyn Aven

    This is… really beautiful. It really is.


  3. Drew

    currently reading it and it’s just wonderful
    very heart-warming


  4. kypri

    I’ma getting all teary-eyed and sniffly reading this. I know manga is usually supposed to tug on the ol’ romantic heartstrings but this is a topic a lot closer to my heart.


  5. Amy

    I’ve been reading this and let me say that this is soooo accurate. I’m not IS but damnit I certainly feel like the main character lots of times.


  6. Kashi

    I just read through all of that in one sitting. Wish the scanlator had continued, that was deeply touching.

    I can’t help but think it’d have been nice to be born IS and maybe my body would be closer to where my mind is.


  7. Lyn Aven

    I finished it last night. Very touching. I nearly cried.

    I, too, often wish I were IS as well; I really identify with Haru and his conflicts of identity and his sense that he’s really in between, not really a boy or a girl, but sometimes he does feel like one or the other.

    I can understand why the scanlator stopped, if the author wasn’t going to pursue the characters and story that arched from chapter 13 to chapter 78. I don’t know if I’d want to keep following the series if it wasn’t going to focus on Haru and the people that his life touched.


  8. Tualha

    Helpful hint for those unfamiliar with manga: read the panels from right to left.


  9. Char

    I’ve been reading it for a long time now (still waiting on that new update). If it weren’t for that manga I wouldn’t be here today, and for that I’m grateful.


  10. LunaSempai

    DAMMIT THE SCANLATOR STOPPED THERE???!!! I’mma have to go with Vader on this one: NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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