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Bill Kaulitz - 2

I’ve simply fallen in love with Bill Kaulitz – not necessarily because of his music, but because of his utter disregard for gender norms and for his androgyny. He’s a beautiful boy who simply enjoys expressing himself, regardless of the tabloids questioning his sexuality over his eyeliner, long hair, and tight pants.

To see a celebrity—a well-known celebrity—pushing the envelope on gender is refreshing and exciting, especially when he’s doing it on MTV or strutting the runway during Milan fashion week in heels and studded leather.

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29 Responses to “Recommendation: Bill Kaulitz”

  1. Ava

    He’s so stunning… ;)


  2. Mary

    Amazing pic –


  3. RBG.

    Hahahah I recognized him immediately, my friend is a huge fan of his. He’s a gorgeous person :D


  4. ari

    I remember feeling, way before I knew very much about non-binary gender, that he would eventually come out as trans. Now of course I know it’s wrong to box someone else into your own idea of their gender, but I still really appreciate that such gender-alternative person is so widely considered attractive by many people who probably don’t know very much about gender politics and genderfuck.


  5. Louche

    When I first saw him, I thought really cool. But then someone who used to be a fan of glam rock told me that glam rock is composed of a bunch of patriarchal men who happen to wear stereotypically female clothing / make-up / etc. But they think women should serve men? Anyone else know about this?


  6. ari

    Well, if you want to talk androgynous glam rock stars, you kinda have to bring up David Bowie and Iggy Pop (who “wants to be your dog”). I wouldn’t say all of glam rock is sexist in that way, although I certainly wouldn’t deny that that sentiment does exist.


  7. Jack

    I’d agree with Ari, it depends. I wouldn’t call glam rock patriarchal, but someone like Iggy Pop was quite a bit punkier and nastier towards the ladies whereas types like Bowie and Mott The Hoople just competed more with women, like who could pull off being more feminine (“Suffragette City”). I think most glam-type rock ‘n’ roll is about successfully blending genders – being powerful like a man, but looking hot like a woman (commercially speaking, heh, I wouldn’t generalise so) and consequently appealling to lots of genders and tastes while still being risqué. That includes encompassing a lot of gender stereotypes, so there’s male masochism but there’s also so-called female cattiness as well. I mean, it’s all rock ‘n’ roll, you know?

    I haven’t really listened to Tokio Hotel, but I know of Bill Kaulitz and think he’s fabulous. Also love his hair – thanks for the post!


  8. Mak

    I had no idea that glam rock was full of politics and gender issues, but I should have guessed- isn’t everything? I’m just here to say goddamn, he’s pretty. :D


  9. Shay

    Hey. I have a slightly related comment. So yeah, Bill Kaulitz is androgynous and beautiful. The other day in journalism class,I was working on my article and I heard two other people talking at another table. One, a girl, apparently had Bill up on a screen and was trying to convince the other, a guy, that Bill was indeed a man. The guy didn’t believe her, or acted like he didn’t, and kept saying all this incredibly derogatory stuff based on the fact that here was a guy who looked very much like a girl. He called over to a friend, “Hey, come look at this. That’s a guy. Isn’t that the most messed-up, disgusting human ever?”
    Just because he’s androgynous.
    Now, that hurt. Not just because I like some of Tokio Hotel’s songs, but because here I am, an androgyne,and there’s this guy calling someone messed up and disgusting just because he doesn’t perfectly fit society’s constructed gender rules.
    That sucks.


  10. Als

    @Shay Wow that does seriously suck, that’s pretty horrible. Someone there sounds messed up, but it’s not Bill! I’m not really into Tokio Hotel, but bending the rules, that’s a beautiful thing. Great picture.


  11. Milo

    Not my type of music, but oh my god, is Bill amazing!


  12. Kriskross

    you’re sooo right! I really like him because of that, too. Although, here in Germany, he’s made a lot of fun of because of his gender expression.


  13. Jenni

    @Shay – it was probably because he found him attractive and it disturbed him.

    No, seriously. So many straight men I know have looked at Bill, gone “wow, she’s stunning”, only to be incredibly shocked when I point out he’s male, and try to backtrack :P


  14. Kevin

    I found him attractive, before I found out he was a guy. Then I sort of became obsessed. :P

    He used to sound androgynous when he was younger, too. I don’t listen to TH much, but he’s cool.


  15. Anonymous Pseudonym

    To me he actually looks alot like pre-plastic surgery Pete Burns, which is cool, because Pete Burns is awesome.


    Happy Cyclops replied:

    Haha, yes! Both are absolutely lovely. Bill is thinner and more feminine, but I so agree!


  16. Keanan

    I don’t know much of their music but Bill seems very cool. He’s very pretty. I have a lot of respect for him. Reminds me some of Adam Lambert too (very similar fashion choices). It’s really too bad he gets grief for being himself.


  17. Shay

    @Jenni: hey, that’s an interesting idea, and actually entirely possible.
    @Als: yeah :( Sometimes the people in this world are just so…depressing. I mean, Tokio Hotel isn’t my favorite band or even close, I just like some of their older stuff, but regardless of if you like a band, it’s a cruel and judgmental thing to say.


  18. Angela

    You guys put a smile on my face when I saw Bill here :) I like TH a lot, and there something that the fans used to say of Bill: “Bill Kaulitz, turning straight man into gays and turning straight girl into lesbians” because most of the guys confuse Bill with a really beautiful girl, and then the little girls that admire him and like him they say: “I feel so lesbian when I look at him!”, again because of his appearance. (I actually thought that he was a girl the first time I listened to him). But you don’t know the best part, and it’s when I try to explain someone that has confused him as a girl that the guitar player is his twin brother ;).


  19. estefany

    i love th and bill kaulitz!!
    he is amazing ;))


  20. Liam

    Everybody just loves Bill. Music is pretty mediocre but he looks so damn awesome it more than compensates


  21. balloonboy

    Bill is amazing, I have never seen any other guy or girl looking this good, he looks stunning in everything. Seriously, any other guy with make up doesn’t look this good.


  22. Milo

    I know. I sort of want to know how he does it. The shape of his face in other pictures doesn’t really even look all that androgynous to me. This is a particularly good one, but yeah, it’s a wonderful gift I don’t quite understand.


  23. elmi

    i lobe bill


  24. Anonymous

    bill kaulitz is gorgeous!! i think he’s so beautiful and i really admire him for daring to be different :)


  25. Fliss

    stunning smile ;)


  26. Gomorrha

    I completely agree with everything being said here. He is amazingly beautiful and I love his androginity! <3


  27. anon1

    Im a dude and I think he’s sexy because he looks so damn good and also guys that don’t like him are just mad because he’s not gay but I don’t care either way: ) and I’m straight.


  28. Chris

    He is amazing.

    I’m a guy (straight guy) and would love to look as he does. I do consider myself to be quiet feminine though.

    He is my new idol!


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