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Gender Queer Photo Project
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My name is Elle and I’m a genderqueer photographer and curator from Baltimore, Md.

I’m working on a project to photograph people who self identify as gender queer. As a curator, I haven’t seen enough work that represents this part of the queer population, and as an artist, I’m compelled to do something about that. I’m looking for anyone who is willing to participate, whether through sitting for a portrait or by telling their personal story, or both. I’m planning a couple of trips to meet as many people as possible the first is centered around the east coast mid-atlantic region, NY city, and Los Angeles, and the second is going to be across the country. So if you’d like to get involved, or even would just like to talk, I’d LOVE to talk to you, so email me. Thank you!!

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Posted by on December 15th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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14 Responses to “Recommendation: Gender Queer Photo Project”

  1. Jessica

    I am not someone who identifies themselves as photogenic and have become increasingly camera shy as I got older – though as a photographer myself, I have less sympathy for people who don’t want to be photographed. So, if you’re up here in the Pacific Northwest and in my neck of the woods, you’re welcome to come and stay at my house. If during that time a picture happened, I wouldn’t complain too much.


  2. Eliot-Anna

    I study photograph a lot in my academic life specially as it relates to the queer community over the last forty years or so. Because of this I am thrilled to hear about your project, it sounds exciting and fantastic.


  3. Kayla

    you should definitely come to Montreal i identify as genderqueer and so does a very close friend of mine i know i would be interested in taking part in your project. Let me know if it’s possible :)

    sincerly Kayla


  4. Anonymous

    denver’s where it’s at!


  5. Riam

    That sounds interesting. I live near San Francisco, don’t know if you’re coming around there. I’m also only 16–don’t know if that’s a problem. I never thought I was photogenic, but photographers among my friends and family always want to use me as a subject, so go figure.


  6. Elle

    hey Jessica, Eliot-Anna, Kayla, & Riam,

    If you are even remotely interested please shoot me an email! I would love to include as many people as possible:




  7. Rhube

    If you do end up heading up to Montreal, I’m in Ottawa, and always up for it.


  8. Toni

    I might be able to help with your project. I live within driving distance of NYC.


  9. Depends

    Hey there, gonna keep this short since I have to be at work in a few minutes. I live in Austin, Texas, far from your desired area, but I am an intern at a queer youth center and not only do i identify as genderqueer and have for many years, i know dozens and dozens of people who identify as genderqueer. You may not be able to take our picture but maybe we can give you something else. I hope we can help you out, as a photographer I tried to do a project very similar because you are right there is not enough out there. Thanks and good luck to you


    elle replied:


    the grant I’m applying for right now would allow me to stay in Austin. I’m very interested in this community center and would love it if you got into contact with me so I could find out more about it.

    Thank you!


  10. JRS

    I’m interested in your project. I got married in Toronto in 2007. I thought my partner was okay with my gender ambiguity, but no. We’re in the middle of a divorce…not so easy if you’re married and live in a state with no recognition. She never accepted that I was so out of the norm, and let’s don’t even talk about my job!


    Jessica replied:

    It is very difficult to negotiate serious transitions in your life – especially because, being kind hearted and sincerely wishing to avoid conflict and division, most people are not completely open and forthright –> they lie by omission if not by direct misrepresentation. I know I have been guilty of this and in my case I can confidently state that it was always a mistake… but when you’re not sure what is really happening, it is extraordinarily difficult to include someone else and tell them the momentary truth.

    My sincere commiserations on your divorce. I am extremely fortunate to have a partner who is very understanding of my faults.


  11. Avory

    Elle, I love this idea! I just now saw this so maybe too late, but I live in Baltimore (Mt. Vernon) and if you’re still looking for volunteers would be happy to participate if you were able to come to my neighborhood. Caveat being that I would prefer to wait a few weeks because right now my hair is a shaggy too-long mess and I can’t shave it again until mid-July :-D


  12. Anthony

    Hey, I am interested in your project! I identify as genderqueer, and would love to be a participant. At the moment I’m living in Wall, South Dakota for the summer because of my job. I am not camera shy!


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