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Probably the most entertaining half-hour of gender study ever! Halberstam makes me want to add a minor in Gender Studies to my degree…

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Posted by on July 24th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Recommendation: J Halberstam”

  1. mc

    Great choice! Jack Halberstam has a few other clips up on youtube, and lots of books (Female Masculinity and the Drag King Book stand out) to offer. Seriously, Halberstam is so awesome it cannot be contained, and his take on female masculinity as separate and more multiplicitous than the butch identity/identities NEEDS to get more traction with gender/queer studies folks.


  2. Anonymous

    Uuuhhh… There are some interesting ideas in this lecture, but it is pretty incoherent as a whole. The Lady Gaga bit seems like a stretch to me.


  3. jessez

    omg i love this: “longevity is an extremely heteronormative concept.”
    also the incredible analysis of the fantastic mr fox.

    great recommendation!


  4. Nick


    But for those of you considering a minor in gender studies: brace yourself for a lot of not-so-brilliant closed-minded conservatives ready to tell you what your gender should be for you to be a good feminist.


  5. Keanan

    I agree with Anonymous. Maybe because I don’t know much about the subject but it all went way over my head. The Mr. Fox thing was interesting though. Gender studies does seem pretty interesting though.


  6. Jay

    The Fantastic Mr Fox bit made the most sense, and was about the only thing I properly completely agreed with.

    Although that “longevity is an extremely heteronormative concept” kinda made my head boggle. Uh, wait, what? *bemused* How on earth does longevity (of ideas/theories/writings/etc) have anything to do with heteronormativity. Maybe that’s just my lack of gender studies knowledge speaking, but the connection, I am failing to make it.


  7. Kat

    As I’m starting to seriously look into gender as a possible area of study in college, I found this video to be extremely interesting. I am a little worried, though, that gender study courses will focus solely on (bio)women/feminism, or that they won’t embrace the vast queer, ambiguous side of the spectrum that is so much a part of gender and identity.


  8. gunk

    @Kat – that will really depend on the lecturers and tutors you get for your course. Maybe you could look into the politics and interests of your potential teachers at your college of choice? I’m double-majoring in Education and Gender and Cultural studies, and my main two teachers have been really awesome so far, definitely very much interested in challenging binary notions of gender, and very much incorporating queer theory into the course. Elsewhere, it may be different, but I’d like to think that if the most isolated capital city in the world (Perth, Western Australia) can boast open-minded teachers of gender theory, then so can most places.


  9. Jak

    I’ve watched this before and really wasn’t taken with it.


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