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Khaos Komix
a webcomic

Khaos Komix is the story of a bunch of people in their late adolescence figuring out their identites, and many of those identities include alternate takes on gender and sexuality. There are characters who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, etc, all of which is handled very well.

To quote the author, “This comic contains an equal amount of straight and gay people, but unfortunately for straight people (who are already so underrepresented in the media), I really only write about the queer ones.”

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Posted by on January 14th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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12 Responses to “Recommendation: Khaos Komix”

  1. Mercury Mars

    What -I- recommend is the forums, particularly the “gender, sexual identity, and sexuality” forum, which was and is where i talk and read about gender things, and have been doing so for a while before i discovered genderfork. there is a great community of trans, genderqueer, gay, straight-and-supportive, bi, other, and what have you people who are supportive and great fun.


  2. AgentRusco

    This is a great comic!


  3. jean c.

    ooh, I totally read everything there was to read in one sitting… all I can say is, hooray for the internet, that brings us stories and images that affirm our lives and our understandings and our desires and our bodies!


  4. Aran

    Thanks a lot for recommending this. It’s good to see that someone out there is telling our stories.


  5. Mak

    This is fantastic! Now I am anxious for more.


  6. mars

    YES! it’s about time someone mentioned this, i’ve loved these for ages

    (especially Tom) :D


  7. Sam

    Tom’s story was recommended to me in the beginning of last year and I loved it. Read all the other ones as soon as I was done with that one, and all of them are fantastic.


  8. Shaded Spriter

    really like the comic but I am sort of fearing Jamie’s Story because I foresee someone dieing in it.


  9. Gren

    haha. I just found this place from another place that I found from khaos.
    and I think someone on khaos also linked directly here at some point.

    I’d definitely recommend the forums.


  10. Ian Ridley

    This is my absolute favorite comic! So glad to see it rec’d here, can’t believe I didn’t think to do it myself.
    Incidentally, Tom’s story was quite helpful when I was coming out to one of my friends.


  11. Burdy

    Khaos is awesome! A friend linked me to the forums last year before I knew anything about genders outside of the binary. Said friend has since come out as trans and I’m in love with a bi-gendered person. Khaos = Love.


  12. Jay

    I started reading Khaos nearly a year ago. I read everything there in one sitting and cried afterward, because for they first time I realised that yes, I was, and am, NORMAL.

    Back then I had never heard of genderqueer, genderfucking, pansexuality… Now, here I am.

    So yeah, Tab Kimpton is my Goddess.


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