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Kill Your Darlings is a film that has that incredibly rare thing: a gender-variant character who is treated like a human being, and whose identity, just like those of the cisgendered characters, is of entirely no consequence whatsoever.

The film itself is a bit of a twist on the typical American road-trip thing, and it took me a couple of watches to understand it, but it left me feeling rather happy for no particular reason, which is always a plus (and it has Alexander Skarsgard in it, which is an even bigger plus…).

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Posted by on June 7th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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4 Responses to “Recommendation: Kill Your Darlings”

  1. Quinn

    I went to imdb to check it out and noticed that under the plot description, both people who described it referred to there being a “transvestite.” I just thought that was pretty interesting. How people from different communities use different words depending on how much they know. I don’t know if the actual character in the movie referred to themselves as such, but if they didn’t, it might be cool if someone else here who’d seen it, went to imdb and wrote another description.


  2. Alex

    Does it have anything to do with writing? A LOT of authors of books on writing always say to kill your darlings.


  3. Cyd

    It’s not on iTunes UK for sale or rental, and they only have the region 1 for sale on Amazon. Dang.


  4. Zachary Bosch

    Quinn- That might be an idea. The character (who’s called Geert, incase you wondered) never refers to themselves as anything. One of the other characters uses male pronouns with Geert, and Geert doesn’t say “Actually, I prefer [insert pronoun]” but that could be for any number of reasons. I actually think it’s kind of nice that Geert’s identity is never explained, that it’s just a fact of the film.

    Alex- Yep, the film is based around a guy who wants to be a writer and is trying to write a screenplay, but is stuck in a stupid job photographing hamburgers and is lacking inspiration. He meets someone, they convince him to go on a roadtrip, and what do you know! Inspiration!


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