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Liu Zhu

Liu Zhu is a contestant in China’s ‘Super Boy’ singing contest who caused some controversy by entering a male-only talent show while dressing as a woman. From interviews it seems that he is happy calling himself a boy and presenting as a beautiful woman, and while he’s been strongly criticized (and harshly questioned by a guest judge on the show) there are plenty of supportive voices out there too. Best of luck to him in the contest, I say!

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Posted by on July 26th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Recommendation: Liu Zhu”

  1. Anonymous

    wow, he’s so pretty! *__*


  2. Nox

    very cool


  3. Sam

    He is gorgeous….good luck to him…!


  4. Mercury Mars

    his voice is very beautiful, and feminine like his presentation. I find it funny that in the comments on the linked article, someone genuinely ignorant is mocking him by saying he is not a woman (as if anyone was suggesting this-they weren’t.) if they had read the article, they would know that Liu Zhu is a guy, and rocks it. hahaha.


  5. Keanan

    He is really pretty and has a really good voice. I wish the best to him. He’s so brave to do this.

    He reminds me a bit of Pete Burns of Dead or Alive. He dresses in traditionally female clothing, looks very feminine, and has a very feminine way. Pete has no interest in transitioning from MtF though and uses male pronouns and everything.


  6. julian

    Love his dress :D


  7. Gen

    On an entirely shallow note, he has the most amazing dress sense I’ve ever seen going by that photo. The gloves, the dress- ohmygod. Go him.


  8. Masakun

    This boy is truly beautiful and I adore his voice. *__* In spite of the fact that he is an amateur, it holds a deep and painfully sweet sadness that few singers possess.


  9. nisha

    he’s a beutifull, stunning girl, love him for being who he wants to be, im a ts and everybody that knows or doesn’t know simply say im stunning so im a lucky girl


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