Recommendation: Said the Pot to the Kettle – feminist theory for anarchist men

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This is a fantastic comic-zine which goes over a summary of patriarchy, feminism, anarchy, and how they all interact. It’s funny, poignant, and bitingly witty. Also fantastic use of the term “jerk.” The comic is followed up by a discussion of ideas, which is well researched and laid out.

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Posted by on January 4th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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4 Responses to “Recommendation: Said the Pot to the Kettle – feminist theory for anarchist men”

  1. J

    I love it, except for the part where he calls transsexuals “trannies”.


  2. Bond

    I second J — that was seriously uncool, and proved he’s clueless when it comes to trans issues. It’s troubling that he felt qualified to speak for trans people.


  3. Allison

    And where he uses the term “douchebag.” Sorry, the whole argument that “I’m using it as an insult because douchebags are useless things that promote the idea that women are unclean” doesn’t cut it. “Douchebag” works as an insult used against men because it’s associated with women’s genitalia, period.


  4. Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness

    Hey there. This is the author of said zine. In response to the trans issue: the word “tranny” was very much the word used by trans folk in the anarchist scene/movement at the time that I wrote this. I would suggest that it still is in use by a majority of the trans folk I know at the moment. Things like “tranny pride” are commonly talked about, and it is generally a word associated with the identity in the culture that I was writing from and to. That said, I’ve developed my understanding of trans issues a lot since this was written around 4 years ago, and would err more on the side of caution in relation to such things: I respect that people of trans identity have different ways of relating to words like “tranny.”

    As for the word “douchebag”, you may be right. But it’s a common insult used in anarchist culture primarily because of what I mentioned in the zine. It’s since then become even more common in mainstream culture, and probably for the reasons you mentioned.


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