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Chris Crocker talks about both sides of himself and how something such as facial hair or clothing choice can change things. Most of the time we see him/her/or hir (whichever you prefer) dressed as a female with “distinctly feminine” qualities such as makeup, high heels etc but here he discusses how simply growing out his facial hair changed what he wore and even who acknowledged him.

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Posted by on April 6th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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10 Responses to “Recommendation: The Bearded Lady?”

  1. Milo

    Wow, this was actually really cool. Most of the time, I find Chris Crocker kind of obnoxious/melodramatic, but I really enjoyed this video.


  2. Anonymous

    This just blew my mind. Chris Crocker with a beard being reflective and interesting.


  3. Lyn Aven

    I don’t know why it isn’t posting my comment… *frowns*

    I wear a full beard, though I keep it cut pretty short. I don’t consider it any more gender-relevant than the content of my shorts; it’s just part of who I am. It doesn’t reinforce my masculine side, and it doesn’t interfere with my feminine side. If you’re curious, my picture’s linked on my username at the top of this post.


  4. Cazzie

    That’s so cool! I really like a lot of Chris Crockers videos. He’s so unafraid to speak his mind and say what he feels. I admire that. And the whole beard thing was pretty cool too. And he DOES kinda look like Kurt Cobain.


  5. nick

    Gorgeous. I’ll be honest: This confuses my sexuality. (Which is a good thing!)


  6. zee

    Also check out Jennifer Miller, a New York performance artist, for a different perspective.


  7. Gavin

    This makes me like Chris even more. He looks magnificently beautiful with a bit of stubble.


  8. M/Mark

    Amazing, simple little video. I love his sense of humor and his willingness to explore.

    …and just from a superficial standpoint, I think Chris looks quite attractive with the beard.


  9. Jessica

    Hiding behind a beard can be very useful. If you have a beard, you don’t need to hide your breasts the same – they can be quite prominent and people will assume you’ve been working out (pecs, not breasts)- you can be 1000% more feminine in manner – don’t mean camp – mean courteous, lithe and graceful – and if you’ve got a beard few people will give you those looks… you know the looks I mean.


  10. Lilybean

    As an M-to-F-to-femqueer (or something – I’m on the fem side but definitely rather queer) this video makes me want to grow my “male” hair out a bit – almost to counter the fact that some days I feel so scared about my femininity that going out is scary.

    I may have a beardy week.


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