Recommendation: Thomas Dybdahl – Dice

Pedro aka Strangelfreak recommends…

The mix of sublime gender-neutral aesthetics — if you guys haven’t seen this, it is a definite MUST! ^__^

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Posted by on January 29th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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9 Responses to “Recommendation: Thomas Dybdahl – Dice”

  1. Alaina

    OMG, this is SO hot. Thanks :-)


  2. Rebecca/Beck

    Normally, watching strangers make out is distasteful but that was really sweet.


  3. strangelfreak

    your welcome guys. =)

    its one of the few videos that portray gender as a variety of fluid perceptions… all my straight friends react to it as something they cannot put in to boxes, but have an instictive emotional response . if they only knew…

    pure and overwhelming . simple as the complexity in all of us !

    and a special thanks to all of you who send me so heartwarming comments about my photoblog. (volunteers and Sarah this meens you !! )

    goooooo genderforkers !!! =)


  4. XylophoneGender

    Hearts hearts hearts.


  5. jeffliveshere

    Nicely done, but: What an impressive collection of white folks…


  6. Anonymous

    cough cough thomas dybdahl is norwegian.


  7. jeffliveshere

    @Anonymous: That’s great for Dybdahl. But:

    Mostly-white populations aren’t all-white populations. And for a song/video which seems to be saying something about the social construction(s) of gender and attraction, it’s unfortunate that the fact that race is also a social construction isn’t part of the picture.

    For instance:
    “Norwegians of Pakistani descent are the largest visible minority group in Norway, and most of their 30,000 members living around Oslo. The Iraqi immigrant population has shown a large increase in recent years.”(


  8. Jaya


    It was a wonderful collection of able-bodied forks too – and thin forks. But he’s an artist, he had an idea, he expressed it. He’s not bound by some kind of responsibility to us to produce a “perfect rainbow” if that wasn’t what his vision was. Constraining people to be inclusive is really no better than constraining themm to be exclusive.


  9. Heather

    <3 my heart is floating away..



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