Simply Ambiguous

DSCN1783gg “Darkness brings truth” submitted by Phoenix, the model and photographer. “My search for who i am was like stumbling in the darkness of gender conformity. At this moment i chose to not conform and to just be me and that is simply ambiguous .”

Posted by on April 7th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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4 Responses to “Simply Ambiguous”

  1. M.

    I hope you don’t find this offensive, because as a fat nonconforming genderqueer fag, it comes completely from the heart; it’s good to see a queer person of size posting/pictured.

    I love the pictures section, I do. But I have to say that my weight is one thing that I have difficulty with, as I have a large chest, and I’m pretty ambiguously gendered until people see that I have breasts. So many of the pictures I see don’t reflect anyone of size, and at times, I feel very alone in this way.

    Anyway, thanks for posting.


  2. Sarah Dopp

    Hey M.,

    Just wanted to say that I hear you loud and clear on this. We struggle with a lot of diversity balances because of the heavily skewed piles of what’s available to us, but we’re very aware of the need for more people of size (and color, and age), and we appreciate your openness in this comment.

    site founder


  3. M.

    Thanks for your response – I appreciate it, very much. I was definitely pleased to see this picture featured.


  4. epinards

    Yeah it’s rough because for women the templates of androgyny that we are given aligns pretty neatly with the heroin-chic model look . . . it’s depressing. I am worn out on the skinny no hips image which comes at us from all directions. It’s not a look I can work.

    I love to see pictures of women with curvy bodies doing creative things with gender.


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