So abstract and unnecessary.

Someone wrote…

It’s gotten to the point where gender is so abstract and unnecessary to me that different genitalia would really only affect the position in which I use the bathroom.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on May 19th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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7 Responses to “So abstract and unnecessary.”

  1. ElegantAndrogyne

    Right. I feel that way too and don’t give a crap about whether I have a rooster or a cat, if you catch my meaning ;). So, I’m not keen on SRS at all – why tamper with something that is OK? I could use more delicate features, lack of body hair and a pair of boobs though, without changing anything between my legs.


  2. Jay

    Funny, and containing truth, too. I’ve been trying to define ‘gender’ to myself, without depending on physical sex, and it does get pretty abstract!


  3. Jonny

    This is actually something I’ve been considering lately. If you don’t let your, or others’, perception of your physical body define your gender, SRS and associated operations seem to become cosmetic surgery or body modification. To which one could point out: few people, cisgendered or otherwise, can truthfully say they’re totally happy with their bodies. I don’t think it invalidates having SRS, but it seems to recategorize the importance or necessity of SRS.


  4. Brittany

    That made me laugh! It is sooo true! :D


  5. Anonymous

    I have a penis, but I almost always pee sitting down – so even that is not that important :)


  6. Anonymous

    don’t let that stop you. you can pee standing up or sitting down no matter what the status of your genitalia. you don’t even need a device, just some aiming practice.


  7. Anne

    To back up Anonymous: I was born a woman and recently learned to pee standing up! It’s amazing how many of the things you’re taught as a child end up not being remotely true. It sometimes makes me angry; it feels like I’ve consistently been lied to.


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