States between red and blue.

Someone wrote…

If only the gender spectrum was as well defined as the visible light spectrum. Yellow isn’t the “third color,” and we have words like “purple” to describe states between red and blue without just using variations on the words “red” and “blue.”

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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11 Responses to “States between red and blue.”

  1. Nick

    Absolutely! My gender is seagreen.


  2. Tamworth

    And of course we’ve got INFRARED. Not visible light, but still.

    My gender is a funky octarine.


  3. Tamworth

    (points if anyone got the Pratchett reference)


  4. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t see gender as a one dimensional spectrum though. For instance you can be both feminine and masculine at the same time.

    There is a very large number of attributes/expressions/behaviors that humans use to express themselves. Gender comes from the fact that some of those attributes/expressions/behaviors have been labelled as feminine and others have been labelled as masculine.

    If one’s gender is the combination of the attributes/expressions/behaviors one exhibits, then gender would be, rather than a spectrum, a multi-dimensinal space (in effect, each possible attribute/expressions/behavior would be a dimension, and the degree to which you exhibit it would be the value on that axis).

    Of course it would not be possible to talk about gender anymore, because each gender would be unique to each person. But we could think of having gender as a multi dimensional object/grouping of objects in that space, wich would encompass a number of attribute/expressions/behaviors with certain degrees that are often seen together.

    :) Sorry for beein geeky :)


  5. Nick

    Discworld-gender. Awesome. It’s the Gender of Magic.


  6. Rebekah

    /pockets points

    I think mine will also be a nice octarine.


  7. Hanna

    I suddenly envisioned the entire world population as a cloud in the multi-dimensional gender space!


  8. Lyn Aven

    Color’s three-dimensional, not one-dimensional. After all, where do “black”, “white”, and “gray” fit on a one-dimensional spectrum?

    And funny you should talk about multidimensional gender. Those of you who know me on other sites know that I tend to cite my gender as (XY, XX) coordinates because I’m fluid and can’t be sufficiently described as “boy” or “girl” or by using a one-dimensional spectrum in between.


  9. J

    My gender is French grey.


  10. Lexi

    …My gender is Lexi. Or sometimes Lilybean.


  11. ulla

    Any spectrum that illustrates gender without m and f as the things to measure everything else by, would be so cool..hope someones draws/animates it (:


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