The Locket

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Posted by on December 20th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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  1. Poet

    Gorgeous : )


  2. Jessica

    There was a photographer, whose name escapes me, who did a whole series of pictures of people in their bedrooms in the 1930’s – pictures of people doing just ordinary things:
    * a man putting on socks
    * a woman brushing out a young girl’s hair
    * a woman getting ready to go out, a man standing behind her with his hand on her shoulder and she’s looking at him in the mirror, listening to what he’s saying….

    There’s some photography that’s poetry. This picture reminds me of that feeling.


    J.D. replied:

    Jessica I just want to say that I always enjoy your responses, as soon as you mentioned those photos I knew exactly what you were talking about. I can’t remember the name either, though I did spend about 45 minutes arguing with Google to try to figure it out. In any event I think you really hit the nail on the head here. There is a certain simple beauty in ordinary every day activities. This image certainly is poetic.


    Samson replied:

    (Likewise–I can usually tell from the first couple lines when it’s a comment from Jessica!)


    Jessica replied:

    And I can likewise, Samson!

    Vicky replied:

    All of you are beautifully verbose. I would pay money I don’t have for a book written by all of the major contributors to Genderfork, especially the two of you, with illustrations and photos from the more visually-talented contributors. (Wink, wink, Sarah.)

  3. risurisu

    Your bracelet is gorgeous as well. ^_^


  4. UniqueAndChicOk

    This photo doesn’t actually have a title. I prefer not to give titles to my work.


  5. Mariah

    <3 This is me!


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