The Twelfth Doctor

My Doctor, originally uploaded by nuchtchas.

Posted by on August 31st, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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21 Responses to “The Twelfth Doctor”

  1. Lanthir

    Kind of off topic, but I’d know that trippy carpet anywhere! Is this at Balticon?

    Made of epic win, in any case.


  2. Anonymous

    You! I wish to put you in my pocket!


  3. Sammy

    Ah, the ol’ trusty sonic screwdriver. The eleventh Doctor wishes his pants were that quilty.


  4. AgentRusco

    I really just want those pants.


  5. Charles



  6. J.D.

    this made my entire week 98.793% more amazing than it already was. My sonic screwdriver is sitting on my desk right now Doctor, if you’ve got room in your TARDIS for one more ;)


  7. Matthew

    Ah, and it is a nice comfortable blue, rather than garish green… I like.


  8. Seth



  9. Jan

    Oh my god, MARRY ME.


  10. falala



    BardicFire replied:

    Polyamorous actually, and totally freaking awesome in person. He’s like one of my favourite people *bites lower lip and grins*


  11. Elle

    Almost, almost as cool as Tom Baker himself.

    Of course, I think a genderqueer Dr Who would almost be a Dr What…


  12. Aidan!

    I second all these comments made here.
    Geeky queers ftw!


  13. Anonymous

    YAY! geekdom!


  14. Jessica

    You look powerfully like me 35 years ago, except I’d have been barefoot.


  15. Ulrich

    No! I have dibs!


  16. Lij

    I bow down before you, Doctor.
    PS: Where did you get your sonic screwdriver?


  17. Tigs



  18. Cain

    omg!where’d you get those pants?


  19. April

    You, my dear, are adorable.


  20. Rose

    destroying daleks of late?


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