To the Genderforker who asked us not to publish their profile…

Hey Everyone,

So, this is kinda awkward.

Someone recently contacted us via one of our submission forms, asking that we not run their profile.

Problem is, all they gave us was their first name (it started with “F”), and we have several profiles in our submission pile under that first name. It wouldn’t really be fair to remove them all because those other people still want to show up on the site.

So… to the person who recently made that request: can you contact us again? This time, give us some more identifying info about your profile, so we can figure out which one was yours? If you included an email address, that would help, too.

We totally want to respect your privacy and remove it from the submission piles. We just need a little more help.



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6 Responses to “To the Genderforker who asked us not to publish their profile…”

  1. Jessica

    Sarah, you have a hard life – dealing with all these virtual folk with their real lives, virtual personas, dilemmas, chimeras, and phantasms.

    Talk about herding cats!


  2. Sarah Dopp

    Nonsense. My life is blessed and this role is an honor. :)


    Jessica replied:

    You are indeed a blessing to us.


  3. ali

    Can any1 help me im feeln very confused about my gender im a girl more male, i dont want boobs but i dont fink i want a penis eitha iv tryd talkn t my girlfriend about but she dont no wot t say t me as she dont undersyand and neitha do i. I dress lyk a guy n ave since i was young im now 20 plz can any1 help or give me some advice im reali confused. Thanks.


    Jessica replied:


    I’ll be glad to do what I can to help. You should try to find someone near you, if possible. Being face to face is different and better for helping. If you are local to me, I would be glad to talk with you in person (

    You are discovering yourself. This is a good thing. It is not a pleasant thing. You will be confused. You will be frightened. You will feel hurt sometimes. You will be angry sometimes. You will lash out at people and hurt them and regret it. You will make choices. You will change your mind. Welcome to Translife.

    Take it slow. There is no hurry.

    What is it about maleness that you want? What is it about womanness that you do not want? Are these things you do want and don’t want always connected to being male or being female or are they just associated with a stereotype in your mind?

    Unless you have quite large boobs, ignore them. They won’t go away, but always fighting them will just amke you feel bitchy. Some people bind them, so they’re less in the way and less noticeable. Wearing loose men’s shirts will de-emphasize them. A man’s shirt is not fitted to make the bust more noticeable. There is no reason you should have a penis – the penis does not make the man.

    And when you’re certain about everything and know exactly what you want — wait. Don’t do anything on the basis of this certainty. See if you’re still sure a few months later.

    Find someone you can talk to:
    * someone who won’t judge you
    * someone who will challenge your opinions and be critical but not unkind
    * someone who will hug you and let you cry when you need to.
    * someone who will not be offended or put off when you’re mean to them and say awful things about them
    * someone who you are NOT romantically involved with or at all interested in sexually

    Be yourself, be careful. Be as adventurous as you feel comfortable with. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do (not even me :-)) or who to be. Relax and enjoy the ride.

    You are lucky to be this confused this early in your life. You have many options and directions you can go that those of us who came to same same place later (much later) just don’t have. Be glad to be who you are!

    And whatever else happens… do not do what an old friend of mine did in her early 20’s — she was spooked and very frightened by her feelings. She got a man, got pregnant and decided to be “normal” It didn’t work. She made many people very miserable and never saw her 30th birthday. It was a tragedy for all concerned. I still get card from her parents at Christmas. Don’t turn yourself into a ghost. :-)

    Good luck!


  4. ali

    sorry about d spellink


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