trans in jail

2006 documentary by Outcast Films chronicles the experiences of five incarcerated transgender women & the abuse they endure. (Full clips here.)

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  1. Keanan

    Interesting doc. I was actually wondering about trans people in jail a couple weeks ago so thanks for posting this. It must be so difficult not only having to struggle with being trans and having to be in jail but being in jail with the wrong sex. I wonder if there are any docs on FtMs in jail. I would imagine being MtF in jail would be harder though just because they are females in a confined space with males in which many of them are predators and are lonely (like the woman said in the trailer). I wonder if there is some way the trans community that isn’t in jail could help the trans people in jail.


  2. Quinn

    This made me incredibly sad. It’s scary to think this is the sort of world we live in.


  3. Anonymous

    I can’t even begin to imagine what this would be like. This is terrible, and I’m glad that someone is bringing attention to it.


  4. XylophoneGender

    Thanks for your comment! My s.o. does a bunch of work on the legal side of issues like this. So if you want to help out, there are several approaches:
    The Transgender Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project is looking for volunteers:
    Ditto for the Transgender Law Center if you’re in SF ( They’re looking for web design help & phone app help at the moment, so maybe you don’t actually need to be local for that.
    If you happen to be in a city with an NCLR office, you can try getting involved with NCLR ( [National Center for Lesbian Rights].

    Another route to take is being an LGBT prisoner pen pal. Be forewarned that the letters you receive likely won’t be deep conversations, eloquent prose, or necessarily someone who’s had the opportunity for education up to the point of literacy. Still, you can mean a lot to someone who has no empathetical ear in their world.
    Good luck!


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