Trying New Things


“Trying New Things” submitted by CC, the model and photographer.

“As of right now, I’m a cisgender female who’s interested in acting as an ally to those rebelling against the gender binary. However, I’m also a feminist who’s really interested in the idea of gender as performance. Out of curiosity, I may have nicked my dad’s dress shirt/suspenders from his closet to try drag for the first time… there were a lot of other photos, but these three were the ones that I felt kind of encompassed what I was trying to explore…. this is just for you, genderfork! I love you & everything you do!”

Posted by on May 15th, 2010 at 10:00 am

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16 Responses to “Trying New Things”

  1. Quince

    I really love this.


  2. cinna

    These are wonderful!


  3. Jessicaa

    Great pictures. Reminds me of Audry Hepburn.


  4. Lori

    Speaking as another cisgendered female ally who makes occasional forays into drag, I say these pictures are awesome.


  5. Rebekah

    These are wonderful pictures.


  6. Rebekah

    Also, I am extremely covetous of your hair.


  7. Bubblegum Blues

    So handsome!


  8. Erica

    I think this is wonderful. I’m also a cisgender female and ally. I experiment, too, and I’m comfortable in both typical male and female clothes. You’re awesome and I love your pictures!


  9. Anna P.

    This is excellent! I love when cisgendered people understand and explore the fluidity of gender, because we all transgress the limitations of gender in some way. Fluidity! Spectrums! Awesome!


  10. Canaduck

    Cool pictures!


  11. Jaimie

    You look awesome. I love your supportive and loving attitude and a willingness to explore your curiosity. The pictures themselves are quite beautiful too.


  12. CC

    I can’t believe this is up here! Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

    (Also I’m shaking a little bit because I JUST saw this on feministing and here and it’s a little surreal and SO SO flattering!)

    If anyone’s interested in following me on tumblr, it’s :)

    Thank you again for all the love!!!


  13. Leah

    I’m kind of in love with you.


  14. Tristan

    You just made Ellen Degeneres jealous ^.^
    You are such a beautiful person, and I would kill for your projective qualities.


  15. Hikaru

    One hell of a handsome woman :D


  16. Essie

    this is totally awesomeee


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