Unabashed by Joey Featuring Jessica

“Unabashed” submitted by Joey, the photographer.

From the Photographer: A picture of my transwoman friend with Down’s Syndrome, Jessica. She has given me permission to send in this photo to Genderfork.

Posted by on February 19th, 2010 at 04:00 pm

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11 Responses to “Unabashed”

  1. Meike

    She’s so beautiful, and this is such a great picture! I love it!


  2. genderkid

    Wow, what a coincidence: this evening I’ve been looking for resources about differently-abled transgender people. I hardly found anything — does anyone have a link to share?

    Thanks for submitting this, Jessica and Joey. This is one of my favorite Genderfork pictures.


  3. Char

    She’s beautiful. :)


  4. William

    As someone who’s first psych more or less told him that he was too autistic to be trans, this photo inspires me. I will be able to transition one day, no matter how many second opinions I need to get.


  5. M

    Rock on, Jessica and William!


  6. Anonymous

    very, very beautiful picture. So much life.


  7. Loan

    Awesome picture!




  8. Sarah

    This is wonderful!


  9. strangelfreak

    amazing, you look adorable sweetie =)

    love love love


  10. J

    Wow, William, what that psychologist said is so messed up. It makes no sense. It’s kind of like saying “You have slight anemia, so we refuse to diagnose you with narcolepsy.” Keep on trying until you find a sane psych!


  11. Joey

    So glad her picture made it up here! She’ll be so happy.


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