Someone wrote…

I need to take a vacation from gender.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on September 29th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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12 Responses to “Vacation.”

  1. Keanan

    I do too. The problem is that whenever I do go on a vacation, gender stuff follows me.


  2. Jessica

    I was thinking earlier today about how, when I was a teenager, I had wanted so much to be an amphibian (from Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House, Unready to Wear) – that is someone who has left their body behind and is a non-corporeal entity.

    In that story, originally written in the 1950’s, people would enter bodies not originally their own. The possibility of entering a body of a different gender that of the body you were born with was not addressed in the story, but it was always part of my fantasy. You could be very tall or very small. It would be cool to inhabit the very limber body of a young person (if you’d been old) or to experience what an old body felt like (if you’d been young).

    That’d be an adventure and a hell of a vacation.


  3. Anonymous

    I want to go on vacation as an amphibian! Hmm…wonder if you could just hang out in non-corporeal reality and be whatever you felt like…It’s funny…I was listening to “Holiday in Spain” by the Counting Crows when I saw this…


  4. Anonymous

    Me too!


  5. Meike

    I so need a vacation from gender. But like Keanan says, it does tend to follow you around. Kind of frustrating sometimes.


    Jessica replied:

    Got a mental picture of some dirty old mongrel who drools on your shoes and is always alert for table scraps. Someday I’ll have to give that old gender a bath and a good thorough brushing. It is a thoroughly disobedient gender and infuriatingly in your face at all the worst times. And don’t get me started about “being in heat!”

    Still, I keep the old critter about since it was a present from my folks.


    Meike replied:

    BAHAHAHA!!!! So true!!!


    Hodge Podge replied:

    XD Love that, I now view my gender as a smelly dog


  6. Jay

    Dang, can I come with you? A vacation from gender… sounds grand.


  7. Zak

    I tried to take a vacation from gender, and kind of did for the last 6 months or so. It catches up to you. Sneaky bastard.


  8. Anonymous

    Love the mongrel personification. That’s it.


  9. Anonymous

    the mongrel seems a fitting form… I’d say sometimes I’d feel like one; a werewolf but hardly the menacing sort, would that leave me as Benji or Lassie; scruff and fluff and dirty nails, more bark than bite and Timmy still trapped in a well; chasing the moon and trying to outrun the sun, but getting distracted by butterflies.

    But these little distractions mean the most sometimes… a vacation of sorts; a reflection on a lifetime.


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