Whatever the result of being myself is…

Someone wrote…

I am a woman, and present myself as such. This does not mean I am anybody else’s expectation of what a woman is, but my own. I’m always reinventing the meaning of womanhood by just being myself, and knowing that whatever the result of being myself is, it is being a woman. I think that goes for everybody and any gender identity they may have.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on March 26th, 2010 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Whatever the result of being myself is…”

  1. Miriam

    I like this. A lot.


  2. nick

    I couldn’t have phrased it better myself. (and really, I’ve tried for years and years to put it into words as clearly as this.)


  3. epinards

    I so wish that the word “woman” could have that resonance for me. It just really doesn’t. I guess I feel like I have experienced too much gender-based violence for ‘woman’ to feel like a free and open category.


  4. M/Mark

    This is a view I’ve struggled with often. If I like/do A, B, and C, which are not “normal woman” things, and I have a female-coded body, why can’t I just identify as a woman who likes/does A, B, and C?

    It’s a question I haven’t been able to answer yet. I just know that the term “woman” has never felt right when applied to me.

    To the original poster, congratulations on knowing what you are. I mean that sincerely. Rock on with your womanly self!


  5. Lyn Aven

    Even on my most male-identified days I’ve NEVER considered myself a “man” either. I just don’t like the word; it doesn’t feel right for me. I’ve got a completely masculine body (even a beard!) and at times a completely masculine personality, but “man” just doesn’t seem like a word I’d choose to apply to myself.


  6. Meike

    @M/Mark–right there with you! And to the original poster, I have so much respect for you. I too wish I could always look at myself in the mirror and say, “Oh yes, I am a WOMAN.”


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