A bothfriend.

Someone wrote…

I don’t want a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I want a bothfriend.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on May 23rd, 2011 at 08:00 am

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15 Responses to “A bothfriend.”

  1. Anonymous

    this is SO CUTE! I also feel like I might use “bothfriend” to describe how I want to be in relationship with someone…. I also wanted someone to use boygirl-friend for me.

    Anyway I like it.


  2. George Grey

    That’s charming


  3. Elle

    In that case, call me! :P


  4. Anonymous



  5. Anonymous

    this made me smile :D


  6. K. Kriesel

    Both of my lovers have come to this conclusion through my gender fluidity.

    We are providing change, one by one!


  7. Meike

    I may just steal this…so awesome!


  8. Cuna

    <3 :D
    This is perfect!


  9. J.D.

    This is pretty much how my girlfriend sees me, I think. =D


  10. Judging Eagle

    I’ve always preferred to be a bothfriend over other things, and prefer the presence of bothfriends over other people I find.

    I’ve never thought of it like that until now though, but it’s been pretty much how I’ve acted all of my life.


  11. Charles

    Bothfriend- that’s perfect! :)


  12. Tory

    I hope this is how my boyfriend sees me. Such a great word to describe myself, thanks for sharing it!


  13. Anonymous

    i feel so lucky to have one x3


  14. Anonymous

    Yes! A wonderful word.


  15. Lee

    I’ve been looking for a more gender-neutral relationship term for a while. Bothfriend sounds realy good :)


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