“being androgynous and having fun”

A person with short red hair, wearing a black netted shirt and subtle eye makeup.
IMG_0845, originally uploaded by Indiefox.

Posted by on November 15th, 2011 at 10:00 am

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10 Responses to ““being androgynous and having fun””

  1. Dorian

    You are so beautiful! :D


  2. Anonymous

    The pink tinge on your eyebrows is a stroke of pure genius. :D Thank you for sharing this.


    Elle replied:

    What’s with all the “Anonymous” people who post here on Genderfork? Make up a name or something. It’s kind of hard to tell who’s saying what when everyone is the same “Anonymous”. Feel free to identify with whatever it is you have to say.


    tigr replied:

    Not everyone’s that comfortable with stepping forward … Yes, I agree, sometimes it would make conversations in the comments easier to follow if there were “silly anonymous”, “anonymous but still happy” and “I can’t think of anything better”, or even just “anonymous-1”, “anonymous-2”, “anonymous-42”, rather than “Anonymous”, “Anonymous” and “Anonymous”. But nevertheless, sometimes making up a name just for posting a comment feels … false, yet I wouldn’t feel comfortable with putting my nick there. So: yeah if you can please do make up some sort of pseudonym. But I’d rather someone posts as “Anonymous” than not at all!


  3. Pyger

    Being androgynous *should* be fun! :)


    Jillian replied:



  4. Jsm

    It depends what the fun is… being yourself should be fun. Just messing with people’s heads and making them uncomfortable may be fun, but can also be harmful.


    Moose replied:

    Harmful because it challenges cissexist notions?

    Or wait, maybe that’s helpful?


  5. sansnom

    You’re quite adorable!Beautiful eyes!


  6. Clare

    your expression is confident. warm, welcoming and,,,,conversational. Lovely!!


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