Bella Maddo

Openly trans director Janice Danielle brings you an entirely trans cast. More back story.

Posted by on February 20th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “Bella Maddo”

  1. Oliver

    I want to see this movie!


  2. Caitlin

    I like the idea, but this just seems… bad.


  3. James

    I do enjoy the spirt of it, but I’d have to agree with Caitlin.


  4. Anonymous

    Agreed with Caitlin and James. It’s definitely important as “the first of its kind”, but doesn’t seem up to scratch otherwise.


  5. blah blah


    … film: uhm. errr….. no … ? >_>

    i’d still go to see it. this sort of thing needs to be out there.


  6. Anonymous

    I love the idea, but it’s kind of sad that the first movie like this has to be so well….bad. Maybe it’s actually good if you see the whole thing, but watching this trailer was not particularly exciting.


  7. Colleen

    An all trans cast, what an awesome idea! And the plot doesn’t sound terrible, but the acting is just painful. I might watch it. I’d have to think about it.


  8. Bella Maddo

    Bella Maddo scheduled to aire in London at the prestigious BFI — British Film Institute,
    don’t be so quick to judge… lighten up… its projects like this that open doors for all of us; once filming starts for the mini-series, it will give JOBS to members of OUR community, a chance for trans-actors to finally be able to portray “normal” people instead of “the tranny”
    We’re all in this together..hows about a little support.


  9. Sarah Dopp

    Echoing Bella Maddo’s comment above (which i’m pretty sure is directly from a member of the project we’re talking about).

    We’re here to be supportive. Please, no more repeated criticism — that position has been noted. Let’s move on, or at least talk about how fantastic it is that members of our community are stepping up and rallying the resources to change the world! :)


  10. RJ

    I have a different sort of question… why does the first all-trans* film seem to be about cis people? While I concur that trans* people should be able to play anyone, wouldn’t it be GREAT to see a project about AND by trans* folks? Someone said it’s good to see trans* people play “normal” people… we’re normal people, too!! And we have a MULTITUDE of stories to tell, not just ones related to transition. Why not a film about our families, our body issues, our relationships?

    Hoping this all-trans* cast inspires more films in the future!


    XylophoneGender replied:

    In response to your initial question, I encourage you to look up the back story and creative process of the folks making this film (links provided on the post). This project was specifically aiming to fill a void: giving trans actors the opportunity to do something other than play (usually painfully stereotyped) trans characters. Typecasting can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, and this film gives a whole cast the chance to play characters rarely open to them.

    If you’re looking for films that tell the stories of trans people, I encourage you to follow projects like Transgiving ( and TG film fest (


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