Older light-skinned butch woman with short grey hair, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt with the arms rolled up over a grey t-shirt. She is sitting in front of a burgundy background with one hand on her hip.

“Eileen”, by Catherine Opie. Model is Eileen Myles. Originally posted on Flavorwire.com.


Posted by on August 9th, 2011 at 10:00 am

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13 Responses to “Eileen”

  1. Anonymous

    It makes me really, really happy to see older people gender-bending, especially on the males-spectrum side. To me, it’s like someone saying “you don’t ever have to stop doing this.” And that means everything to me.


  2. Fe

    Wow! I like this one, such an awesome picture.


  3. lnz

    I am the same generation as Eileen – I love his daring beauty and feel liberated. I put my hand on your heart. Thankyou Eileen


  4. K.

    She reminds me of my welding teacher who gave me an idea of how I can stay the non-feminine female I am. So, what Anon said.


  5. Anonymous

    When I grow up, if it’s all right, I think I’d like to be you.


  6. schwuze

    Love it. And I – too – totally agree with what Anon said. Representations of mature people expressing their gender the way they feel best make me excited about life.


  7. Daisy

    Fantastic picture. Makes me connect on so many levels from respect for the hard-working hands to sex appeal in the body posture to the intelligent engagement in the eyes. I want to watch a tv mini-series with the person the photographer captured in this picture as the romantic lead.


  8. Clare

    Dramatic, engaging, intelligent, and challenging. Very fine


  9. gunk

    Eileen Myles! And Catherine Opie as photographer! What an awesome collaboration of artists. This is gorgeous.


    Alex replied:

    Thanks for giving the full name of the model, I’ll edit that in straightaway! =)


  10. kendall

    I have a book by her called cool for you


  11. radical/rebel

    Eileen Myles is the fucking shit. Sexy, brilliant as fuck. Go buy her books Inferno and The Importance of Being Iceland if you want some mad queer inspiration in yr life.

    Seriously. An idol.


  12. Elliott

    I love this photo. When I see it, I know that there’s a place in the world for who(ever) I’m going to be when I grow up.


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