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Hi Genderforkers!

So the middle of winter (the Solstice JUST passed) is a time when we’re pretty highly encouraged to be giving – and it’s also often a time for taking a step back and giving yourself a good once-over, and maybe figuring out what sort of changes you need to make to keep moving forward. It’s a time of transition.
Genderfork is going through a pretty big transition right now.

We’ve put out a few calls for volunteers over the past few months, and we’ve gotten some awesome new folks in, to be sure. But many of our volunteers have been here since day one, and over the past three years or so, their own lives have changed, and many of them need to move on. We know they will do amazing things out in the world.

However, it’s a struggle every week right now to populate the site with full and varied content. If we’re to keep moving forward with the site in its current form, we need new blood, and fast! If you love the site, and you have time to give us, please, get in touch!

Here’s what you need to have:

  • A love of gender all across the spectrum, and a love of our site!
  • Access to a computer and the Internet, and basic knowledge of how to use these things.
  • Time to give! Really, honestly – it doesn’t have to be a LOT of time, an hour or so a week will do it, but you need to be able to give it regularly, every week. We LOVE that you want to help, but if your life is in transition, or just really busy, take care of yourself. Don’t offer what you can’t give.

Here’s what you DO NOT need to have:

  • Any particular identity. You don’t need to be genderqueer or trans or anything other than what you are to help out here. You just need to want to help.
  • A lot of technical knowledge. We welcome it, but we can absolutely train you to do any job that needs doing around here – they’re not hard, and we’re excellent at writing instructions and answering questions.
  • A LOT of time to give. It doesn’t take hours and hours to be of use around here – it’s the consistency we’re after when it comes to time, not the volume. And we DO understand that things come up and some weeks you just can’t fit everything in – if you can drop us a line warning us and come back next soon, we can always work it out.

If you’ve got the time and the desire, please do contact us at: volunteering – at – genderfork – dot – com and tell us a little bit about yourself. Specifically:

  • What sort of stuff you wanna help out with!
  • Why you wanna help!
  • Any extra experience you think might be handy (tech abilities, forum moderation, blogging skills, etc)
  • Where you live on the Internet (blogs, tumblrs, your band’s old myspace, whatever …)
  • How much time you can to give to us (on an ongoing weekly or monthly basis)
  • ANYTHING ELSE you want to share about yourself (we don’t know what that is yet, but we can’t wait to find out!)

Just a heads-up: please don’t expect an immediate response from us. There may be a bunch of you, or I might be swamped with my day job, or there could be other stuff going on that slows this process down. We’ll get through ‘em all, but responses may take some time.

I am really looking forward to meeting you, though.

Thanks in advance!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Volunteer-Scout, Emma

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One Response to “Genderfork Could Use Your Help”

  1. Laura

    Hi Emma,

    Last week Thin Edge Films launched a facebook page to build up a fan base for Thirsty, a post-queer musical biopic following the journey of Scott Townsend, a girly-boy who grows up to become drag queen Thirsty Burlington, finally learning to become comfortable in all her gender manifestations. We’re currently moving from development to pre-production – hiring a casting director, scouting locations (most of the filming will be in upstate NY and Provincetown, MA), and securing song rights.

    In the process of looking for cool stuff to post on our page, we found your site. We are absolutely, totally in love with your site! Question: would it be OK for us to occasionally post quotes and photos from your site (we’ve just started a “this is what gender looks like” feature. Naturally, we’d credit your site every time. Also, we’d love to be able to post a link to our site on your Facebook page. Would that be OK? You can respond via my email address.

    Keep up the fantastic work!


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