Hooray for Gender Fabulousness!

Someone wrote…

When I dress up, I like to wear a tank top under a textured white dress shirt with a cute tie and flatten some of my hair into false sideburns. I end up looking like a drag king, even though I could grow my own full beard if I actually wanted one. Hooray for gender fabulousness!

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on November 14th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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4 Responses to “Hooray for Gender Fabulousness!”

  1. Anonymous

    That sounds fabulous indeed! :D


  2. Anonymous

    You sound like me.


    Elle replied:

    What’s with all the “Anonymous” people who post here on Genderfork? Make up a name or something. It’s kind of hard to tell who’s saying what when everyone is the same “Anonymous”. Feel free to identify with whatever it is you have to say.


    Anonymous replied:

    I think mostly it’s because people are at different levels of comfort with identifying openly with what they say. For me personally, I’ve always simply been “anonymous” on this website. There is something secure about knowing that, even if somebody did find out my username, they wouldn’t be able to distinguish me from everyone else. I can’t even distinguish my own comments from the comments of other people sometimes, and there is something comforting about that. I’m still coming to terms with what my feelings are about gender in general, and about my own personal gender, and in the amount of time it is taking me to figure out my feelings, I think I’ll just stick with anonymous, because it allows me to say exactly what I mean to say, exactly how I need to say it without the worry of feeling like the words need to stick to me, without the worry of needing to claim what I have to say as my own. I’m very sorry if my necessity for safety within my own self-discovery inconveniences you at all, I assure you that’s not my intention.

    I would just say in future, keep in mind that people are at all different levels of comfort and security, and do your best to respect that diversity.


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