If pokémon can be…

Someone wrote…

If pokémon can be both genderless and loved, why can’t I?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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12 Responses to “If pokémon can be…”

  1. Dallas

    The sad thing is that they’ve started gendering a lot of pokemon now, including ones that were never gendered originally like Pikachu.


  2. Jaime

    Yeah, sorry Love. They gendered even Pokemon. Only the legendaries and non-organic Pokes are genderless now.


  3. J.D.

    Pokemon have always had genders, including Pikachu. Check Bulbapedia.

    However, legendaries like Mew NEVER have had gender and haven’t been “given” any. Neither are any other originally genderless pokemon. So I’m not sure where these responses are coming from, but from me, someone whose played the games and is sitting in a room with two other people who have the games in their DS right now, I can tell you that the originally genderless pokemon (Ditto, legendaries, Polygon, Magnemite, etc) are STILL genderless.

    I believe the OP is trying to say that there are some genderless pokemon (because ALL pokemon were NEVER genderless) and always have been and people still love them. My favorite of them is Ditto, personally. Because Ditto can change into anything and change its gender by will alone allowing it to breed with any pokemon it wants. If only.


  4. J.D.

    As an amendment:
    The generation I games did not identify gender, however in the anime gender was given very early. Ash refers to Pikachu as “him” in episode 86, and in the Japanese version he’s identified as male in episode 17. Gender was introduced in the generation II games to allow pokemon breeding. Gen II was also the first generation to allow the player to play as a girl.


  5. Anonymous

    <3 androgynous Pokemon geeks like me!


  6. Meike

    I always felt this odd need to catch myself a Ditto. It’s only been this year that I’ve understood why — because that’s how I want to be, able to change my looks and gender as I see fit. But hey, if genderless Pokemon can be loved, then you definitely should be loved. I’d rather love a genderless human being than a genderless, pixelated Japanese creation any day.


  7. Damien Jay

    Notice that the pokemon with genders are just pokemon. The legendarys are the ones that do not hold a gender. The androgynous pokemon are the cooler, pokemon that are for the most part held more speical. Society should take the hint from pokemon’s gender logic. </3


  8. kendall

    Well are you going to go up to Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres and move their tail and see what they’re packin? No you’d be too busy having a nerdgasm to care or remember you have pokeballs lol


  9. Jessica

    If you have to be like Pokemon to be ungendered and adored, I think the price is too high, right up there with emulating smurfs.


  10. Dallas

    What I meant was the fact that physical aspects of gender have now been encorporated into pokemon like Pikachu. Female pikachus are now depicted with having a dent in their tail. Despite having gender, I liked that they used to all look the same except for some exceptions like nidoran (which in it’s self is fun genderwise with the male being pink and the female blue), regardless of their gender, in my mind it made them all equal.


    Courage replied:

    Yes, agree completely with that! I feel like they stole something from the games when they started incorporating gender differences in so many Pokémon. Now that they’re gendered, I feel the urge to pick the “cooler” looking one, which makes me feel like I’m discriminating against gender when I know it shouldn’t matter.

    I also played the Pokémon Rescue Team games where you take a quiz and they assign you a Pokémon to fit your personality. I was aghast by the fact that if I picked boy, certain Pokémon were excluded from your final results, like Eevee. They’re saying eevee is only for girls, or only appears as female, neither of which is true! Heck, in the old games, you could get female Mr Mimes and male Jynxs.


  11. Kelly

    I think one of my most smile inducing days was when my friends consistently messed up my pronouns and finally settled on calling me Kelly. They determined I was like a pokemon, my name described my species, my persona, and my gender. =D


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