It makes my day…

Someone wrote…

i identify as mostly female, butch, something along those lines…definitely not as male. but, it makes my day when a stranger calls me “Sir” or “Mister”!

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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4 Responses to “It makes my day…”

  1. mc

    thank you! absolutely.


  2. Jessica

    I get ma’am when they look at my hands or listen to my voice and Sir if they look at my face. If I’m with women, I’m one of “you ladies” and if I’m with men, I usually get no notice at all (which is fine).

    I like it best when one person addresses me in one gender and someone also there corrects them and give them and me one of those (oh I am so sorry) looks.

    One time, I was trying to find someone and they weren’t at their desk, but there was some IT guy under the desk, doing something with cables. We chatted and joked for a minute or two Then, he came out and looked around, asking me, “where did she go?” I shrugged my shoulders and looked puzzled. “that lady I was just talking to…”
    “Oh, _HER_,” I said and he figured it out. His face was a study, till he pasted something PC over it.


  3. Claire

    I feel the same way.

    However, if I am with friends at the time they feel they must defend my honour (as if it were such an insult). I don’t have the heart to explain how good it makes me feel, and I’m not sure they’d understand even if I tried…


  4. cello

    I get that too sometimes! Even when I was little, at the old folks’ home that i’d visit with my mom, every once in a while i’d hear ‘what a charming son!’, or something along those lines. My mom would just explain to me that, you know, they don’t have very good vision, don’t feel bad about it. But it always secretly made me happy.


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