I’ve been queer the whole time

Zach rewrites Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me.”

Posted by on May 12th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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13 Responses to “I’ve been queer the whole time”


    Ahh this is nice.
    The high syllable to beat ratio was annoying at first, but it was kinda nice after a while, strangely.


  2. risurisu

    Fuck heteronormativity~!

    So happy-making. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!


  3. Jay

    “Not everything in the world needs to be part of some big dramatic hetero fantasy” – BEST LINE.

    “Sometimes you wear short skirts, sometimes you were t-shirts, sometimes you were both and sometimes you wear neither. I like you naked and I like you clothed – I really just like you, I think you’re fucking great I suppose.” – Really loved that bit, too.

    Basically, Zach is awesome. This song is awesome. Fuck heteronormativity. <3


  4. Adair

    “Porn This Way” (by the same person) is amazing.


  5. Sondra

    zach, you never fail to amaze me!


  6. Anon

    Zach is a friend of my friend’s. My friend actually sent me an email today about Zach which is ironic that Zach’s video was posted here. Zach is cool and I like Zach’s music.


  7. L-

    Zach is awesome. I was considering reccing his whole playlist, but I never got around to it. Glad someone else had the same idea. :D


  8. Zach

    Thank you all so much! I’ve been super excited all week since I was told that my video was going up on genderfork. I really, really appreciate all your comments!


  9. marina!

    Zach you are a star!


    SANTARII replied:

    Funnily enough, binary systems of stars are quite rare.


    Stuart replied:



  10. Anonymous

    Proceeding to share this with all my friends….


  11. thekidwonder

    I can’t hear Taylor Swift’s song without substituting these lyrics for the originals. It’s my little sister’s favorite song. This is a problem…or is it?


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