Not so out of place

Someone wrote…

Wearing guy clothes makes me feel better about my female body. I don’t feel so out of place anymore.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on October 23rd, 2011 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Not so out of place”

  1. Anonymous

    this is so me!!! After trying on my whole (still too girly) clothes and throwing them on the floor screaming “I can`t leave the house like that today!!” I found my new pullover from the men`s section. I put it on and suddenly felt complete. My sister said something like “I have problems to decide what to wear sometimes too, no problem, take your time…” I replyed that it`s not the clothes that I have problems with, and that I could try on a thousand shirts and pullovers and it would still feel wrong only because it`s all too girly. But I solved the problem and felt good going on a walk with my sister, who still doesn`t know the whole truth about me!!


  2. Als

    I feel like this too. When I wear the clothes I choose, I feel like I’ve found my optimum point of operation! I don’t why it should be that significant really, but it just is.


  3. Anonymous

    Mostly, I prefer men’s clothes, but I like some women’s clothes as well. The only problem is that I hate that women’s clothes accentuate my female body. In a male body, I would feel more than comfortable wearing women’s items. However, for now, the only women’s items I wear are more unisex than women’s.

    But if you think about it, clothes are clothes. Their “gender” is merely created for easier marketing. So, I don’t really sweat it :)


  4. Sylv

    Yep, this is me too. On very, very rare occasion I will want to wear a skirt… but most of the time I just get really, really annoyed if all my guy clothing is in the washing and I’m forced to wear one of the few girly shirts I have left… :/


  5. Caro

    I gotta chime in too: That’s so me.

    I looked in the men’s department and found myself.


  6. Jess

    Women’s clothes are typically more expensive and less sturdy than men’s clothes. Many transwomen ruin a lot of clothes, at first, getting used to having to be more careful than with the clothes they were formerly used to.


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