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11 Responses to “Panties”

  1. Sam

    I love this picture. So very much.


  2. InfinitySquared

    I like it, it’s got sort of a playful vibe to it. Like, “I’m wearing pretty lacy panties and you can’t do a thing about it, so nyaaah!” (Maybe that’s the appeal of wearing sexy underthings–the way only you know, unless you tell somebody?)

    But my first thought was, “Man, those things must be so uncomfortable,” because I hate hate hate lace. I’m more of a boxers kind of girl, if I wear any at all.


  3. ga_boy

    this could be a photo of me. boxer-briefs n cargo pants kinda guy most of the time, cute panties n tight denim at others. definitely like!


  4. Thomas

    I so very much adore this!!!!


  5. Als

    Lovely and pretty sexy! This picture reminds me that I feel that the hottest thing is someone being true to themselves and having fun in the process.


  6. Anonymous



  7. Anonymous

    I know that there are degrees of androgyny, but why not lose the leg hair and paint the toes?


    ga_boy replied:

    could be many reasons. perhaps they like the feels of lace, and dont care about shaving; or like the contrast of masculine and feminine; or like me, who wears jean when i go out and only bothers with my arms. if it makes them feel sexy/pretty/cute go for it.


    Anonymous replied:

    I can understand that. I just like being totally fem. Smooth is sexy!! LOL


    Anonymous replied:

    No way! Hairy all the way!!
    -Shows off hairy leg-

  8. Anonymous

    I can appreciate your choice, I just love smooth!! LOL How do you feel about nail polish?


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