Pipe Dream – Typewriting

Pipe Dream – Typewriting, originally uploaded by exoskeletoncabaret.

Posted by on January 26th, 2011 at 10:00 am

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13 Responses to “Pipe Dream – Typewriting”

  1. rainbowfish

    your style is amazing, and this is a great shot!


  2. J.D.

    Love the hawk, mine’s red at the moment, and I LOVE the typewriter and boots. Do very much want.

    Love the shot, love the style, love the pose, love the composition, love the model. overall just love love love.


  3. Eliot-Anna

    Oh my God! Love your boots! I love everything you’re wearing in fact, and you look so cool in it too.


  4. Lanthir Calendae

    Gorgeous! As a typewriter user myself (a pre-WWII Royal desktop model, and a 1965 Olivetti Lettera portable), this has completely made my day!


    Jessica replied:

    Me, too. I have a Royal #10 (beveled glass on the sides) that is my preferred way to write letters. I also have an old Royal portable, but it needs some work.

    It looks like this picture was taken on the Iron Goat Trail – great composition.


  5. George Grey

    So delightful!


  6. Anonymous

    Queers and typewriters:
    best friends forever!


  7. Elijah

    oh dem booooots :D


  8. RedRightAnkle

    very steampunk, you look fab!


  9. kendall

    there is absolutely nothing about this that I don’t like: I like writing, I like big black boots, I like punkrock, I like old timey clothing, I like nature, I like glasses, I like tattoos, I like androgyny, do it up.


  10. willow

    Hey thanks, all. This was a great photoshoot with Libby Bulloff back in our days in Bloomington, IN. Libby’s to blame for all the aesthetics – she even cut my hair into the hawk at least a few months before this shoot.


  11. Quinn

    Wow, this photo is like someone reached into my head and blended together the 2 distinct fashion styles favoured by my dandy-self and my grrl-self. I love it SO MUCH, especially the suspenders and boots.


  12. Jess Five

    Very awesome shot. :) Great composition. Makes me wonder what you are thinking/writing about.


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