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13 Responses to “Plaid”

  1. Jessica

    Great photo. My father took a lot of pictures like that. Years later, his children would sit around looking at the old pictures together wondering who everybody was… when a picture like yours came up, we’d say “Damn, I wish we knew who the hell this was!”


  2. Keir

    Handsome and beautiful at the same time. Your eyes are gorgeous!


  3. kendall

    Green eyes, androgyny and freckles have been some of the most attractive traits in my opinion since I was a child–also guitar playing


  4. Stuart

    Holy eff. Dimples *and* freckles!


  5. Nikolai

    So androgynous… and those eyes! Lovely.


  6. Kris

    You’re cute ;)


  7. G

    love! <3


  8. Anonymous



  9. RJ

    You remind me of Elijah Wood in LOTR (in a good way :)


  10. Clare

    A lovely and characterful face – i could imagine a long cup of coffee and a chat about books and music with a face like that….


  11. Charlotte

    Just wanted to say that all of your comments have made Clauds (the one in the child) day. She has body dysmorphia and is FTM transgender. This picture was taken a couple of years ago and s/he is now ‘out’ to everybody, some accepting, some not so. But I am the proudest mother there could be.

    Because of the bdd, all your comments mean the world to both of us, so thank you.


  12. Elliot

    Charlotte and Claud,

    This photo is amazing. It’s hard to imagine how someone so beautiful can be so dissatisfied with their body, but I definitely get it. Just know that a whole bunch of strangers think you look amazing, and if they didn’t think so, they wouldn’t say so. Charlotte, I looked through all your photos on Flickr. The nature pictures, the animals, the cats (I miss my cats), the wonderfully expressive photos of Claud-every photograph had an impact and reminded me to look around and find all the beauty in this crazy world. Claud, I wish you the best on your journey to finding peace with your body, inside and out.

    Hang in there,


  13. Anonymous

    You’re ADORABLE! You have such honest eyes and awesome freckles. This pictures is amazing.


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