Profile: Aidan

Pale-skinned person with short brown hair, wearing red and black rectangular-framed glasses and bright red lipstick, looking at the camera with a half-smile.

You can call me… Aidan!

I identify as… a genderfluid geeky awkward nonmonogamous sarcastic dykey feminazi with the world’s best/worst sense of humor.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she/her is totes fine, but lord almighty don’t call me ma’am. i’ll take sir any day.

I’m attracted to… Twitter, activism, androgyny, Doctor Who, high speed rail transit, queerness, grocery shopping at midnight, mixtapes, & honesty – to yourself & to the world.

When people talk about me, I want them to… express that I am hella hot no matter what my gender expression (or lack thereof) is today & damn did you hear her take down that misogynist kid earlier today?

I want people to understand… that asking questions is perfectly fine. that lipstick doesn’t make me female. that loving a person with XY chromosomes doesn’t mean I am heterosexual. that being nonmonogamous does not equal slutty.

About Aidan
Aidan has been told all her life what her sexual orientation is & what her gender expression is. She has only realized recently that those motherfuckers were wrong. Divides her time between loving Mpls and getting the fuck out of dodge. Has an iTunes music library exceeding 13000 mp3s. Would make you a mix tape, if you asked.

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Posted by on July 14th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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14 Responses to “Profile: Aidan”

  1. Andronymous

    “Twitter, activism, androgyny… high speed rail transit, queerness, grocery shopping at midnight, mixtapes, & honesty – to yourself & to the world… Divides her time between loving Mpls and getting the fuck out of dodge.”

    Me too. MPLS stand up!


  2. Ambiguo42

    Mixtapes and high speed rail FTW! Awesome profile, by the way. Your photo takes my breath away…


  3. Jen Lillie

    Hey, I want a mixtape!


  4. Light.

    I completely adore that you said “…lipstick doesn’t make me female.” You are awesome and I’d love a mixtape!


  5. lj

    I’d love a mixed tape. love your energy


  6. Anonymous

    I’m definitely with you on being okay with female pronouns, but not with ma’am. Very few words grate on me more than that one.


  7. J.D.

    Would you really make me a mix tape? I love music.

    Also, you’re a fantastic human being, and I love your haircut and your glasses.


  8. Meike

    Mlps, as in the Twin Cities? If so, huzzah!

    …oh wait, that would be Mpls, wouldn’t it? Drat, dyslexia strikes again…


  9. Declan

    I’d LOVE a mixtape! <3


  10. Alden

    I’d love a mixtape! :)


  11. Elissa Marcelle

    Woooooo!!!! I love Doctor Who too!!!!!!! I’ve come to love Matt Smith, but I’ll always carry a torch for Tennant!! He was my first!


    Elle replied:

    Tom Baker rules!!!


    Elissa Marcelle replied:

    I really need to make an attempt to watch the old Tom Baker episodes. I’ve tried to watch a couple of old episodes (idk which doctor?) and they really seemed to ramble without drawing me in at all. I know a whole bunch of Whovians who are classic fans, but I think some of the problem is the same sort of thing that happens with classic Star Trek, I didn’t grow up with it and I find it impossible to watch. Hell, I grew up on Star Wars (original trilogy) and I even find it hard at times to watch those because the effects and camera work feel dated.


  12. Avory

    Love what you said about lipstick not making you female. I’m genderqueer and starting to learn that my preferred outward expression is mostly what others read as female, though I’ve been dressing fairly androgynous for safety. Starting to bust out of my box–today I’m wearing green nail polish. You rock on with your geeky activist genderfluid self; I am right there with you.


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