Profile: Alan/Rachel

A person with short hear wearing dangly earrings and a necklace, holding up an auburn wig.

You can call me… Alan. And sometimes Rachel.

I identify as… I’m rather traditional with regard to labels – I’m a male to femal crossdresser, but I’ll answer to ‘t-girl’, ‘tranny’ or anything similar. I’m a regular guy with an optional girl-mode.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … ‘He’ and ‘Him’ will do most of the time. Although I like female pronouns when I’m Rachel, but I’m not going to insist on it. I’ll settle for respect and tolerance over a trick of language any day.

I’m attracted to… Women. I would say ‘and what they wear’, but I can’t think of a way that says that without it sounding a little creepy. And it isn’t.

I’m specifically attracted to my wife, which is a good job really :)

When people talk about me, I want them to… say nice things about me. And I understand that it’s my responsibility to present a positive image of myself such that they do so.

I want people to understand… That’s it – I want people to understand. And it’s a constant source of pleasure to me that most of them seem to.

About Alan/Rachel
Middle-aged (I admit it), married, father of two. Formerly from the UK, now permanently resident in Australia. Self-employed IT professional who prefers playing with toy soldiers and Lego.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Alan/Rachel”

  1. Thomas

    Lego rules. I think the best part about being an adult is now I can afford the toys I want :)


    Keanan replied:

    I agree. And also being able to introduce younger generations to the awesomeness of Legos.


  2. Anonymous

    Good for you, Alan/Rachel!
    (I like legos and toy soldiers, too. Why get locked into rigid roles – “you’re a man/woman/adult/etc., so you’re not supposed to be interested in some things and are supposed to be interested in other things” – sometimes rules are made to be broken.)


  3. T.V. Wilde

    Alan/Rachel, you’re great :] x


  4. Rachel

    I love a site where it’s considered more interesting that I play with Lego than that I am a guy that wears women’s clothing :)


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