Profile: Alex Snö

You can call me… Alex Snö.

I identify as… I once heard someone mention a “genderqueer pussy faggot”. I wonder if I am one of those? Above all I am just a cat.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “He” seems odd and “she” seems somewhat inappropriate, and I’m not politically correct enough to teach people to use “ze” or other such nonsense. I’d never get used to it myself. Just do as you please. When someone asked me wether I am a boy or a girl, I used to get offended but now it just pleases me. My sort of androgynous appearance has succeeded once more.

I may be born girl, but that does not make me one, and I don’t think I’m a boy either, but I guess “Sir” will do.

I’m attracted to… Cynics and libertines and moustaches (cliché, I know). I’m attracted to someone who knows that crazy isn’t enough and that one red-haired girl. Actually, crazy can be enough. I always tend to fall for girls who are completely psychotic and messed up. They would not be interesting otherwise, I suppose.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Feed my ego. One word: narcissism.

I want people to understand… I’m not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you, and just because I’m queer it doesn’t mean I want to have a baby. A lot of queers these days seem to want to fit into that nuclear family role. This is exactly what we should break free of. Two words: Queer Jihad! This world world is overpopulated anyway. You should just stop reproducing, all of you.

About Alex Snö
Do I seem a bitter person to you? I guess I am.

I’m a somewhat misanthropic, manic self-publicist (crook? quite possibly), terribly bad at personal relationships and often thought to be completely out to lunch. I live in the cold Scandinavia, but my blood hails from a strange land which is divided by the Ural Mountains. I have an uncanny talent of prevising the unusual.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Alex Snö”

  1. Jessica

    Dear Sir,

    We’re all bitter sometime, especially in the Winter. I am more afraid of a backlash anti-queer Jihad than I am hopeful of a Queer Jihad. When the revolution happens, I’ll probably have to do their dishes.


  2. kendall

    all I can think of is that episode of clone high


  3. Anonymous

    I understand you dislike the assimilation you perceive to be endemic to a majority of the queer population, but I seriously don’t think you should dictate what others do. And appropriating words of violence, however empowering, does not liberate them from context. I don’t want to be judgmental, but I don’t think using language that justifies violence is warranted.


    Jessica replied:

    “If love and only love could save this world from disaster,
    when I see innocent folks shot down
    Do you want me to just shake my head and frown?”
    From Pachem in Terris by Pete Seeger. (pause)

    I agree that inflammatory language is counter-productive but it can be quite a tonic for discouragement, which is why leaders use it. (continue)
    “If you want to hit the target square, you’d better not have blind anger,
    Or else it’ll just be one more time,
    the correction creates another crime…”


  4. Anonymous

    I like you, you are cool.
    I wish I lived in cold Scandinavia and not in the land which is divided by the Ural mountains, where I am currently residing.


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