Profile: Antoinette

You can call me… Antoinette

I identify as… I’m actually quite feminine but I have some rather male qualities.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she. I am a girl, but that doesn’t mean I like girls and that doesn’t mean I like boys either (just in an intimate way, so you know. I’m not a lonely person).

I’m attracted to… Door bolted shut. I actually don’t swing either way, so in that case whether people around me are hetero-homo-bisexual, I’m rather indifferent. We’re all people, right?
However, as far as friends, I look for nice, intelligent, well-mannered, interesting and insane people.

When people talk about me, I want them to… give it up. Just stop. I am a firm believer in karma, and they are wasting it all on a person they barely know, for people who do know me usually don’t talk about me (unless its behind my back, because then I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care because it won’t affect me significantly)

I want people to understand… that everyone is beautiful, and life is amazing, and there is nothing more interesting than realizing that the colors of the sky are not a solid blue, or that when we breathe our chests only move when we lay down, or that our eyes are never one solid color, but many variations.
I want them to embrace the fact that not everyone will try to fit into society and accept it.

About Antoinette
I’m mid-teens, six other siblings, two dogs, one dead dad, one step-dad, one mother, and a school full of super-christians that can’t respect my differences.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Antoinette”

  1. radical/rebel

    ohh, I think I like you. here’s hoping that in 2011 you find more people who respect + fall in love with yr differences.


  2. Jessica

    Don’t You Let Nobody Turn You ‘Round
    Words and Music by Tom Paxton

    It’s a long, long journey to your old home,
    Where your own truth is waiting to be found.
    And though others will tie you, and try to buy you,
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.
    Turn you round, turn you round.
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.

    Oh, the weak and timid ones will warn you,
    Not to walk out on unfamiliar ground.
    But it’s there that you’ve got to go, to find what you’ve got to know,
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.
    Turn you round, turn you round.
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.

    And the silv’ry words tumble from the leaders,
    And the loud Hosannas ring aloud.
    From the dungeons of history, you’ll hear answer,
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.
    Turn you round, turn you round.
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.

    In a time long ago, there was a man,
    To the old lies he would not be bound.
    So they hung him to a tree for telling you and me,
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.
    Turn you round, turn you round.
    Don’t you let nobody turn you round.


  3. Adelene

    Just in case you haven’t found yet: It exists, and it may be relevant to your interests. :)


  4. Anonymous

    great to see another ace on here! welcome!


  5. J.D.

    I’m no longer mid-teens, but when I was I was mid-teens, five older siblings, one dead mom, one step-mom, one dad, and a school full of super-christians who actively despised anything different. You’re not alone, hon, and you’ll make it through. -hug- Just keep your chin up, you know whats right and thats all that matters.

    Btw, love the name, its beautiful.


  6. Kellye

    I’m so glad to see asexuals finding more visibility and self-confidence these days. =) Right on, right on.


  7. Anonymous

    until this past summer i had no clue what an ace was…. now i know i’m not crazy lol


  8. Paris

    Wow, for the longest time, I thought I was one of the only people who wasn’t sexually attracted to anything. I think you’re cool. As for the super-“christians”, I come from a family of them and it’s not easy, and they’ll probably never understand, but it’s ok, just be confident in who you are.


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