Profile: Ash

You can call me… Ash

I identify as… A flamey pansexual agnostic pro-Palestine Jewish genderqueer FtM-transitioning boything.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Ze and hir for people who get it; he and him for people who don’t.

I’m attracted to… Grace, intelligence, honesty, compassion, an appreciation for the unusual, a taste for adventure, wordplay, cooking skills, gendered self-awareness, queerity.

When people talk about me, I want them to… …stick up for the reality and reasonableness of who I am.

I want people to understand… …that my life is complicated, but also pretty great, and that I’d rather have their support and celebration than their pity. That my identity isn’t a commentary–pro or con–on theirs.

About Ash
Ash is an artist and craftsperson, living and trying to make a living in the middle of the country. Ze digs ink, paper, and fiber, and could cheerfully work a nine-to-five job that involved sorting, filing, and organizing all three of those things, then dumping them all out and starting over. Most days, Ash is either drawing, printing, book-binding, doll-making, spinning, or knitting; the other days, ze’s probably mucking about in the kitchen.

Ash is also the president emeritus of the best, bad-assest queer group, and a recent MFA graduate in printmaking, which appears to overqualify hir for all available jobs and adequately qualify hir for none, but ze’s pretty excited about it, anyway.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Ash”

  1. Jessica

    “overqualify hir for all available jobs and adequately qualify hir for none…” Story of my life.

    A favorite New Yorker cartoon. Two people standing out in a field, arms spread out – in scarecrow poses, but dressed in business casual, obviously being scarecrows. One of them says to the other, “English Lit, how about you?”


    Lanthir replied:

    I would totally be a scarecrow if somebody would pay me minimum wage to do it. And probably feel rich, and grateful for the work.


  2. AgentRusco

    Hey Ash, fancy seeing you here. :)


  3. Lanthir

    Hooray, another queer spinner!


  4. Stuart

    Big consensual Queer hugs of Palestinian solidarity, from our rad Jewish puppeteer collective, to yours! <3


  5. JD

    Hey! I know you!


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