Profile: Brandon

You can call me… brandon.

I identify as… a transgendered elf that enjoys prancing through glades of trees, playing owl city on his ukelele. in reality, a lonely girl whose parents are frightened of their lovely, “all-girl” daughter being their… son.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … i enjoy he and him very much. i rarely hear them on a regular basis, so why don’t you make my day?

I’m attracted to… someone who thinks like me, within and without me. i want someone who embraces the way my head has always worked, secretly and in silence. i also like artists, and people with brown eyes.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that i have ears, and i know i look like a dude. that’s the point!

I want people to understand… that what i’m trying to do with my body probably won’t be attractive to the majority. i might not look like a boy. i don’t have huge muscles, a deep voice, or meaty fingers. but i am one, deep down, and i want to be loved as one.

About Brandon
i’m 16 years old. i live in a conservative, close-knit town, where people rarely escape the cookie-cutter image. i play three instruments, i want to be a music teacher. i’m a nerd. and dream of one day being the father of many adopted asian babies.

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13 Responses to “Profile: Brandon”

  1. Miriam

    Go for it, fellow music teacher :) It does get a little better in college, so keep that in mind. I grew up in a backwoods hick town so I can see where you’re coming from. We need more encouraging music teachers in the world right now, no matter their gender.


    Miriam replied:

    so keep going!


  2. S

    I’m a queer hobbit from a tiny little town! Oh how I would have loved to meet you while wandering through the woods.


  3. Stuart

    “…many adopted Asian babies.” ?.


  4. Noah

    i second the many adopted asian babies?


  5. Riley

    Wow. I was completely creeped out reading this because I suddenly felt like I’d been cloned. I am a bio-girl living in a conservative town, hiding everything from my parents. I want to be a music teacher, and I swear, this morning, I had a conversation with my friend about the Asian children I was going to adopt. I feel so unoriginal. .__.


    Stuart replied:

    *I* was completely creeped out that another person has described thier desire to “adopt Asian babies.” Can you explain this statement?


    Anonymous replied:

    What, you’re so ready to be insulted? I suppose those people are just think that asians are cool and they want them in their family.


    Stuart replied:

    I feel like statements that exoticize a particular race, or fetishize a particular culture, are oppressive and objectifying. People of Color are not monolithic, and I feel like a statement such as “I want to adopt many Asian babies” disambiguates the individual, and has the potential to efface many forms of racism. One particular form of racism that I feel is obscured by this type of statement, is the positioning of one kind of (privileged)person as the hero or idol for another type of person. I think, as Queer people, we could all benefit from resisting this kind of objectification on all fronts.

    radical/rebel replied:

    I agree very much with Stuart’s post that both lines, from this bio and the comment following, about a desire to “adopt Asian babies” are problematic. They are the kind of comments that an ethnically privileged group (i.e., white people) can make regarding an ethnically subordinated group (i.e., Asians), and they do indeed have the effect of exoticizing and depersonalizing an entire ethnic group.

  6. Anonymous

    you are awesome! i hope to meet you someday =)


  7. Anonymous

    Good luck with everything!


  8. Sylvie

    You are so awesome! Don’t let the cookie-cutter conservative types get you down. You seem like a fantastic individual I would love to meet you one day :)


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