Profile: Brendan

You can call me… Brendan

I identify as… way too politically active, a dreamer, an activist, a debater, a friend, a boyfriend.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He/him/his please! Though that is very slow in catching on…

I’m attracted to… My boyfriend; he’s amazing for sticking by me. In general, intelligence that borders on complete nerddom, sarcastic humor, people who defy norms.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be talking about the causes I stand for, or how I’m a cool guy. Not focus on trying to figure out what I am.

I want people to understand… I’m confident as all hell and I enjoy making a scene but your words still can hurt. I’ll keep going with my happy self as if I didn’t hear you though.

About Brendan
Brendan is just starting out by himself after graduation. He is starting college in the Fall majoring in Global Studies with minors in Islamic Studies and Human Rights. Brendan hopes to one day change the world. Will you help?

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Posted by on January 3rd, 2011 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “Profile: Brendan”

  1. Oliver

    Hey, I’m considering a minor in Human Rights too! I’d be glad to help. :)


  2. radical/rebel

    ohh jeez, you’re gorgeous. I like yr name a lot.


  3. Allegra

    Love the background, and the hair is smexy.


  4. Jessica

    “Will you help?” Sure. How? And I could kill for your hair.


  5. TK

    Sometimes I wish I had curlier hair. Now is one of those times, as you’re totally rockin’ your curls.


  6. schwuze

    You are awsum! ^^


  7. Anonymous

    You are very handsome :)


  8. Nemo

    Aw man, I wish I was as cool as you when I was just entering college :’D


    Jessica replied:

    I often feel that way about young people I see on here… I feel old as an ent sometimes, reading of their excitement and optimism.


  9. Paris

    You rock! Really. I just went back to college this past September majoring in Cultural Anthropology and World Religion with a focus in African Diaspora Studies. Your major sounds fantastic! I love culture studies! I wish you all the best for your future!

    BTW, you’re cute, lol.


  10. Oscar

    A) You are incredibly attractive.

    B) Do you do anything to your hair or is it naturally like that? I’m jealous, either way.

    C)Hope college is a wonderful and liberating adventure for you. Go rock it!


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