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You can call me… celia or senorita princesa. whatever you like, really, but i’ll probably turn around if you say “celia.” ehem. let’s move on then.

I identify as… queer, I GUESS. that’s the best i can do really.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … female!

I’m attracted to… attractive people? david bowie and pretty girls with long hair.

When people talk about me, I want them to… say how wonderful i am. and not call me butch or dyke or butch dyke cos it just shits me.

I want people to understand… eating animals is totally fucked up. and sexuality is way too broad for a person to be categorised as gay straight or bi. that’s annoying, people!

About Celia
i am a pretty, pretty princess.
i’m a hedonist, i don’t hurt animals and am kinda ambivalent towards people. i am mostly what people call “a good person”. which i think is pretty cool.

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Posted by on January 12th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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13 Responses to “Profile: Celia”

  1. Hodge Podge

    ‘but i’ll probably turn around if you say “celia.”’ You seem cool!


  2. radical/rebel

    SUPPORT for more queer people with they’s heads shaved

    cool cool


  3. kendall

    dammit youre cute, btw vegetarians ftw


  4. Zero-kun

    Pretty princess indeed! As someone who is going vegan, I relate to what you’ve said, celia. I hope you also know the ill effects of animal ‘products’ too… If not, we should talk :) Actually, we should talk either way! Always here for anyone really. <3


  5. JB

    You seem cool, I wish we could hang out! It sucks feeling like a crazy social outsider due to my vegan-ness. I really dig your coat and hair.


  6. Anonymous

    You’re super hot, just saying :)


  7. Hodge Podge

    Sign me up on the veggie train too! In truth I’m running out of reasons not to go vegan, but I’m not brave enough. It took me ages to work up the courage to ask my parents to get something without meat. Plus I come from the North of england, in a town renowned for it’s pies. It’s hard to be a vegan, or genderqueer, it’s I nightmare to do both.


  8. Samson

    Are you only attracted to David Bowie, or people that look like David Bowie too? Because sadly I am only one of those things.


  9. Anonymous

    You have gorgeous eyes. :)


  10. Gaia Black

    Wow very nice Celia ;) so lovely.


  11. Anonymous

    You’re gorgeous!


  12. j-bird

    I’m just staring stunned at your picture. Something about the look in your eyes says “destined for greatness”. Maybe a conventional kind of greatness, or maybe the kind that’s way ahead of its time and will just resonate quietly in the air until the world wakes up and notices it.


  13. Angel

    I love david Bowie!!!!!


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